Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Pink Kitchen

After looking for a while online one day, I decided on Avery's 'big' gift - a pink kitchen. She absolutely LOVES it! I started trying to put it together the night before we left, after she went to bed. I am NOT very nice after about 9pm, since I wake up before 5am every day, so you can imagine how much fun I was having at 11pm trying to get this together by myself! Charlie finally came home from work and I handed him the instructions and went to bed. After 2 hours I was on step 3 of 22! And that was working nonstop, as fast as possible.
2 hours later... step 3 of 22!

Charlie tackled it the next evening and finished at 2am. I was in Vidalia on Christmas Eve and woke up to a text from Charlie that said "Merry Christmas Little Britches!" with the picture below. So, after 7 hours of work, Avery had the cutest lil pink kitchen I've ever seen.

We spent Christmas in Vidalia and she got to see the kitchen when we came home on Sunday. She LOVED it. It was so sweet! Even better, when she walked into our kitchen the next few days she would gasp (like she was surprised) and say "MY PINK KITCHEN!" It was like for a moment she forgot she had it and would remember all over again. PRECIOUS! She has been playing with it nonstop. We have already gotten our money's worth. Merry Christmas Little Britches!

This was right after I organized the play food and pots and pans. It looked like this for about 10 minutes 

She also got a robe for Christmas and the shopping cart with more FOOD!


Curran said...

It gets old picking up kitchen mess daily, but never gets old watching the babies make the mess! It's worth it!

Cristi said...

What else does a little girl need? Besides wonderful parents like you and Charlie! I love that little girl. See yall soon.

Beth E. said...

I love the pink kitchen! Totally worth all the work...right? ;-)

Tell Avery I got a new robe for Christmas, too! She looks much cuter in hers than I do in mine, though. lol

Baylee's Mommy said...

I LOVE the pink kitchen! I may look into getting one for B for her birthday. I like the idea of her being able to cook while Mommy cooks.