Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Expensive Taste

I noticed a commercial for LelliKelly shoes that would run during Dora. Every time it comes on now Avery says, "Ohhhhhh Shoooooes!!!" I thought it was so cute, since this is the first thing she's ever noticed that she wanted. Although, I thought the shoes were pretty hideous, I figured it would be worth it if she loved them as much as she did when she saw them on TV. I googled them to order a pair, thinking they would be around $30. $73 a pair! Wowzers! So, I think we're going to hold off on these LelliKelly's, at least until Christmas! And I sure hope this isn't a sign of things to come. If so, one thing is for sure, Avery has expensive taste!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let the golfing begin!

With nice weather, comes outdoor activity. And with outdoor activity, comes golf! It's beginning to grow on me. No, not that I've ever actually used the club to hit the ball over and over and over and called that fun. But riding in the golf cart on a beautiful day and watching my husband have a blast and my daughter have even MORE fun,'s growing on me!

On this particular day, we had just finished with bunny pictures. I called to see what hole they were on, and it was 10. It was my dads first time to go with them and I was worried they were forcing him to play 18 (the plan was only to play 9). So, I thought I was coming to his rescue, but he was telling me the truth - he wanted to stay! And so did we! It was a lovely day and I didn't see another golfer on the course. Good thing, with a toddler running around : ) As you can tell, we had a blast!

Easy to get a hole in one, w/ Avery around ; )

She even got to drive the cart!
And for that, Uncle Josh got a kiss!
Maybe if I learn to walk the course the person on the right will begin to shrink! ;)
Now that's what I call CONCENTRATION!
Btw, Charlie and dad WON!

Friday, March 26, 2010

♪ Some kind of wonderful ♪

♪Well my baby, she's alright♪
♪Well my baby, she's clean out-of-sight♪
♪Don't you know that she's ... she's some kind of wonderful♪
♪She's some kind of wonderful ... yes she is, she's♪
♪ She's some kind of wonderful, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahhh ... ♪

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter is on it's way!

Photo courtesy of Jami Ainsworth portraits

Easter is on it's way and so we made a trip to Mrs. Jami's house for some pictures with real bunnies. Avery did well for the few minutes she cooperated. Then she was done. Jami got 3 shots that I love and this is one of them. Jami always goes over and beyond my hopes. It is hard to capture great photographs with a toddler, but she never ceases to amaze me.

One more week 'til Easter and I've promised myself that I will not under any circumstances buy anything else to go into the Easter baskets. Yes, baskets. I have bought so much crap that I'll have to give her two again this year. And we wonder why she's spoiled rotten!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23rd

I've been wanting to share this precious video. I thought today would be appropriate. 4 years ago I walked into a doctors office just wanting to know if I'd be having a boy or girl. I left knowing I'd be having neither. There is no way to describe the feeling of knowing there is a baby inside of you that your body didn't nourish. A baby that no longer needs you. A baby that's already in heaven. I have such sadness when I think of him. Our lives would be so different. Avery would have a big brother. But when I listen to this precious song, by Selah, I realize that I shouldn't be sad at all for him. He got to skip the yucky part and go straight to the goal: Heaven! This is a sad song, I guess, but the love of our Father is shown so clearly. And so this will not be a sad day. This will be a day to remind me that my little boy is in Heaven with a Father that loves him more than I could ever imagine.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I came home the other day and realized some flowers were blooming in our front yard! Bring on Spring!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Happiest Day of My Life

For most parents, the happiest day of their life is the day their child was born. I struggled with this for a time. Knowing that I wouldn't honestly count January 21, 2008 as the happiest day of my life. In fact, it was one of the scariest, most stressful days. So, I guess I could fake it to fit in w/ the norm or because admitting it, esp. on the blog, makes me worry that one day Avery might read that and misunderstand exactly what I mean. But, I'm going to go out on a limb and The happiest day of my life was 2 years ago - March 18, 2008. The day I carried Avery out of the NICU. The day there were no more monitors to look at, no worrying when those numbers went too high or too low or there was a beep, beep, beep. No more asking when or if I could hold Avery. No more obsessing about whether she gained an ounce. I was finally a mom. A real mom that gets to feed her baby when she wants, when she knows her baby is hungry! A mom that can hold that baby So that is exactly what we did. I really don't think she slept in her crib or got laid down at all that first day. We just all breathed her in and got to really know her. What a magnificient day it was. I remember going into her nursery when she was in the NICU. We left a twin size bed in there and I would lay on it and just look at her crib and imagine that she was sleeping there. Such a simple, silly imagination but so far away in my head. Until that day. March 18, 2008 will always be the happiest day of my life. I hope I can add to that list, but for now, that is the one. A close second was my wedding day, but still no comparison to bringing our little miracle home! Oh, how we love you Avery Grace! Who could have known how much joy you'd bring us in 2 short years...I can't even imagine the fun things we'll do in the years ahead of us!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bloggy Friend

Recently, I purchased a few items from a bloggy friend, at the Horton Family. Since she was local, we decided to meet for lunch to do the exchange. I was so excited to meet her irl (in real life). Although the girls at work swore I’d never make it back alive, I did! Even though I may have been running a few minutes late! ;) 
Once I got home and showed Avery the new dress and shirt she “Ewwed and Ahhed” over it and just HAD to try them on immediately. Then, she ran around the house like a crazy woman. I think she was pretty pumped about getting some hand-me-downs from Alise. Word around town is she’s got a pretty stylish wardrobe! All was well until she wanted to mix eating Dora yogurt w/ the new clothes on. They came off pretty quick! Can’t wait until she’s big enough to wear them. I’m sure it will be in the blink of an eye!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another weekend with Nonna & Poppa

A few weekends ago, we headed back home. The local boys basketball team was in the playoffs and we thought we would go to watch the game. We had to get there 1 1/2 hours early just to get a seat! Well, as you can imagine, entertaining a toddler in bleachers with tons of people isn’t an easy task. We just kept thinking once the game starts, she’ll be just as excited as we are. She was not! As soon as they made the first dunk, the crowd went wild. I think Avery thought they were all screaming because the building was on fire or something...she was terrified! We left immediately. So not many pictures from that exciting game! By the way, they did go on to WIN the state championship! YAY VIKINGS!

The next day, I read about a Wild Things event. I assumed that meant there would be gators, lizards, snakes and such. As much as Avery loves animals, I thought it would be fun for her. Again, lol. There were mainly old men talking about things like what kind of seeds different birds eat. We stay about 5 minutes, enough time to see the one live animal - a snake. Nonna was brave to touch him to encourage Avery, but she was not impressed. There was no way she was going near that snake. I guess that isn’t such a bad thing though!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Whew. Did you think I had given up? Yes, at one point I did too! ;) But it's just been a case of the blog-rut. Lots has happened but it started when Avery got sick. Not much time to blog when you have a sick toddler. Soon after that, I got sick, followed by Charlie. Oh, and did I mention I got the new girl at work sick too. And she got the boss sick. Oh yes, Avery's germs legacy reached many. So, we are just about all better and guess who woke up in the middle of the night with a fever? Avery! I noticed a bit of a runny nose and some sneezing, followed by a little cough this morning. So, off to Dr. K we went. Dr. Y was there this Saturday and looked her over, and concluded she is fine! No ear infections, sore throat, wheezing...none of it. She did write an Rx to clear up the runny nose so that it doesn't turn into something else. And I am stocking up on Airborne just in case! Avery also started speech therapy. At her 24 month visit the chart showed that she should be saying 300 words and she was only saying about 10, so Dr. K said it wouldn't hurt to get her started. It seems like from then until now she has just opened up. I hear "No mommy" a few times a day and even "More juice". We also had a conversation the other day that went something like this:

Me: Avery, hand me my lipstick. I need to put some on.
Avery: (in a loud, growling voice) NOOOO!!!!
Me: Well that wasn't very nice. Give me the lipstick
Avery: NO, NO, NO (running towards me with her hand up as if she is coming to smack me)
Me: (taking a step back with my finger in her face) If you hit mommy, you're going to stand in the corner, so do you want to think about that first?
Avery: Uhh Huh (the noise that means do you type that?)
Avery then looks from me to the lipstick to the wall with the corner to my makeup back and lets out a large sigh. She immediately places the lipstick back in my makeup bag and marches to put herself in the corner!

She is just so much fun lately. I finally found a discipline technique that works with her and she spends a few minutes in the corner some days. Sometimes she does something unacceptable and I just look at her and she marches right to the corner! I can't explain how much fun it is watching her become a little girl. As sad as I am that these are the days of potty training, no more pacis, weaning her off sippys and converting the crib to a toddler bed, it is still fun and exciting to watch her grow. Never a dull moment!

In other news, I accepted a promotion and I start my new job on Monday. I'm sad to be leaving behind my friends. Although, I'm only moving down 2 floors I know that it won't be the same without them! They promise to stalk my blog though, so I couldn't complain! The new job will mean different responsibilites (although not more, at least I don't think so), more money and more vacation time, a few trips to Ohio (where my boss is) this year and the best part....remote access! No more sick days for me! So now, when Avery is sick, rather than feeling hugely guilty for staying home or even more guilty for sending her to Tina's, I will have a laptop so that I can log in from home. Some people are TOTALLY turned off by that idea, but for me I think it will be a lot better. I will still have an office and go to work most days, but if I need to stay home, I can. With all of the snow days lately, that could come in handy! ; )

Wednesday, March 3, 2010