Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well, I know it's been a while (shame on me!) but I finally have a Not Me Monday post! If you don't know what I'm talking about, or want to write your own, head over to MckMama's hilarious/inspiring blog to get the scoop.

1. I did not think about pulling out some fall clothes this weekend, because it is finally starting to cool off.
2. I was not perplexed when I looked through my closet and realized I had not a single long sleeved shirt hanging in the closet.
3. Earlier in the year, I did not get really organized and sort through my clothes, bagging up clothes that were too small (ughh!) and all the winter clothes. I did not put them in the garage until I lost weight (for the small ones) and Fall came (for the winter ones).
4. I did not agree with Charlie the weekend after he bought his first truck, that we could put it to good use by taking a lot of bags full of clothes to the goodwill. He did not load every single bag into the back of his truck. I did not have seconds thoughts but later decide if I did lose enough weight to fit in all the clothes I have grown out of over the years, I would owe it to myself to buy a new wardrobe anyway.
5. I certainly did not completely forget about the winter clothes in a few of those bags that DID fit. I did not discover that my entire winter wardrobe is now at the Goodwill.
6. I did not think about it all weekend and decide it probably couldn't hurt to stop by and see if maybe, just maybe, my stuff was still in the same bag, marked "Casey - Winter" and explain this to the goodwill and politely ask for my clothes back. Of course, my opposite-of-me, unfrugal husband did not shake his head and reply, "Casey, seriously? Go buy some new clothes!"
7. I did not skip church and the fair because I'm feeling quite under the weather. I am not still trying to decide if I want to 'mask it' at work until April. I would my much prefer a bubble, I'm just not sure they come in my size! ; )
8. I did not go to the after hours clinic 5 minutes before noon today, thinking surely I would be their first patient, since they didn't open until 12. I was certainly not shocked as I came around the corner to see about 8 people waiting in the hall and the waiting room opened, FILLED with sick people. I thought to myself "What are the odds that I will catch what one of these people have, waiting for hours with them?" I did not decide I'd rather have a sore throat than the swine flu I caught at the after hours clinic and smile at the 28th person in line saying, "I think I'll just stay sick!"
9. We did not get the first serious offer on our house, after well over a year on the market. We are not excited/nervous/curious to know what God has for our future and desperately begging to know His will about the whole where to buy-rent/what to buy-rent/when to buy-rent situation.
10. I did not get ripped off this week by the internet. It was a Craigslist listing for a BEAUTIFUL rent house for $800 a month. Long story (kinda) short, some loser steals pics of houses for sale from realtors websites, post them on Craigslist as rent houses, but won't give the exact address. Then, when you reply to their craigslist email, they email you back requesting that you follow a link that will ask you for ALL of the info they need to steal your identity. And just imagine, they could just get a real job! Ughh.
11. I did not google a recipe for easy peanut butter cookies, find one, try to print it, fail to print it, try to remember it and accidentally replace butter w/ sugar. Needless to say, the cookies were GROSS and I did not blame it on the stupid recipe and stupid people on the internet who post stupid recipes that don't work. I certainly did not link to it for this post, only then realizing I was the stupid person who changed the recipe. LOL, No I did not.
Well, I guess that's it for this week. Have a happy Monday!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend Plans

Well, after much work and research and patience with different Dish Network departments, I have accomplished my weekend goal: In 32 minutes, channel 409 will play the LSU game for only $5.99. WOO HOO! We have other weekend plans, but as you well know, LSU was first on the list. So after the game it's off to Target to find the princess some adorable, affordable, white dress shoes, new socks, a belt and some fall clothes. Yes, it is finalllllly starting to feel like Fall, even in the South! And if it will stop raining at some point, we are off to the fair - for the first time w/ Avery! Of course, there'll be church on Sunday and Avery's first encounter with the nursery. Although, I'm still second guessing myself because there are flu outbreaks EVERYWHERE. Including, the building that Charlie and I both work in (along with 700 possible virus filled individuals). Did I mention I may seriously purchase a mask at Target and become the official office germ-a-phobe!

In other news, I admit I am T-O-T-A-L-L-Y slacking on the picture taking and the blog writing and I do plan on improving. I did take a video the other day, so maybe Blogger will be kind enough to upload it?

Have a great weekend everyone and just for kicks repeat after me (yes, even you, Laura and Nicki G!)...


Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Month

Another month gone by. Today, Avery Grace is 20 months old. Wowww. 20 months seems sooo old. Somehow, I related all the teen months to her first birthday. "17 months...yeah thats's close to 12 months which means she 'just' turned one, which means she's basically still a baby, not much different from the day I brought her home." Well, I guess it's time for a reality check. My little 2 lb., newborn princess, is now a little 24 pound, 20 month old, high maintenance toddler. And as the days turn into months and months into years I can't help but remember the day I brought her home. And I can't help but wish I could rewind and relive it. Just one more time, or two - ya know? But if we did rewind there wouldn't be a cute pink potty in the bathroom and Dr. Suess books in the basket beside it. There wouldn't be markers to color pictures or morning kisses. There wouldn't be anyone following me around the house on all fours saying "Ru-ru" (ruff-ruff for those of you that don't talk Avery). So, I understand her growing up is a good thing, I just wish it was going a little bit slower! Before you know it, I'll have a 2 year old!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun with Sebastian...

Avery was running a fever yesterday afternoon and then all night last night. I made an appointment with Dr. Khanfar this morning and he did a throat and nose swab as well as a complete blood count and a urinalysis, but found nothing wrong. He said this means she probably has some type of virus. He didn't prescribe anything and told me to give her Motrin every 6 hours for fever. I'm praying that she will feel better tomorrow so we can go to a festival near Nonna and Poppa's house.

As I mentioned earlier, Avery had a great time with her cousin Sebsatian last weekend. They go to Mrs. Tina's house together, so they are not shy with each other at all. Here are some pics courtesy of Nonna.

I think Avery needs her own LSU is so cute!
Just look at the expression on her face!

Eating ice cream in the's a long story :)

Avery and Gigi

Looking at the turtles....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Potty Time!

Tonight I had to run to Walmart and decided to get Avery a potty. She is only 19 months and most people, including Mrs. Tina (babysitter), wait until they're 2 years old to start. But I figured, what can it hurt? I put together the pink Comfy Cushy 3-in-1 potty when we got home and sat Avery on it. I started to read her a book so that she would sit for a minute, since these days she likes to be on the go. As soon as I finished the first book, she tee-teed in the potty! I was so proud! (lol, tmi, i know!) I promise to spare you potty pictures, but for this momentous occasion, I couldn't resist!

After she used the potty I gave her one of her favorite Chips Ahoy Fudge cookies. Hopefully she'll remember this the next time we try to use the potty!


I probably should've picked a little bit cleaner treat than fudge filled cookies, but she lovvvved it!


A Little Girl and Her Pearls

For Avery's first birthday, her Aunt Lindsey sent her a real pearl bracelet from Little Girls' Pearls. I let her wear it every once in a while, and when I do it is all she can pay attention to all day long! It's such a great keepsake and I'll save them for her so one day maybe her little girl can wear her pearl bracelet!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blessed Beyond Imagination

Well, first shame on me for not posting on 9/11. I had some nice, elaborate post in my head that never made it to the blog and now I can't remember it for the life of me. Labor day was nice, but missing Monday really threw me off and for much of the week I felt like I was just treading above water, know what I mean?

Mom and dad were here yesterday and Avery had a grand time with her cousin, Sebastian. Gigi and Paps were keeping him and we all went to visit. They chased each other and screamed and had the best time running and playing. I kept looking at them thinking "Wow, this is what it would be like to have 2!" And then I realized if I had given birth to the first little boy I was pregnant with, he would be almost exactly the same age as Sebastian. You'd think after 3 years it wouldn't bring tears. It wouldn't cause pain to rush back like the day that it happened. All of those memories would be so vague. But they're not. I can remember it so clearly. I think of the overwhelming love I have for Avery and I think of the little boy I never got to meet. I know I love him, but not like I love Avery. I think of what an important part of our life he'd be if he were here. How much Avery would love him. How we'd be 'done' with having kids...a little family, so complete. But after a while you do learn not to question it. Not to question Him. You just wipe away tears and know that one day, you'll understand. One day, you'll meet that little boy. And you learn to be so thankful. Avery looked up at me today and said "Ma-ma" in the sweetest little voice you could imagine. And I just grabbed her and held her. And thanked God for her. And knew that no matter what, we are blessed beyond imagination. Avery is getting so big and I think about another baby often, but I just know it's not the right time...and it may never be. The risk of complications or losing another baby are so high. So, for now, we will love our little Avery Grace. And squeeze her tight every chance we get! And watch her close, because when we don't she tends to...
...contemplate standing on top of the laundry basket...
...decide that could be a great idea...
...develop a technique to climb on top...
...then crawling up on all fours...
...slowly begins to stand...
...and just as mommy is coming for her... she JUMPS!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Early Mornings

On Saturday Avery woke up at 5:45. There was no getting her back to sleep. So, I figured - if ya can't  beat em, join em! I started making pancakes and bacon. Charlie had to work so I figured I might as well send him off with a good breakfast. I thought I had it all together whipping up a meal and entertaining Avery at the crack of dawn on a Saturday.... that is until I sat down to eat and heard some strange sounds and smells coming from the kitchen. I went to the kitchen and it looked like the coffee had imploded. Apparently, you really do have to remember to use the filter, or things just don't go as  planned. Moral of the story: drink the coffee BEFORE you do anything else, especially if you wake up before 6 am!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall is in the air...

This week Charlie had to attend a training class, which changed his work schedule. Since he brings Avery to daycare every morning, I gave him the week off. I had a lot of fun getting to wake her up and get her dressed in the mornings. Usually when I leave for work she is still sleeping. The weather was so nice one morning, I put some of her leggings on. She looked so adorable I couldn't resist a pre-daycare photo shoot. This week, a lady was arrested at a local daycare for putting very hot water in bottles and squirting it on the kids and locking them in dark closets and telling them there were monsters in it (and only God knows what else)! Unbelievable! I was so relieved to be able to drop Avery off to Christina every morning and watch her run in and not look back! She is so happy there and loves her little friends, too. Thank you Lord for Mrs. Tina!
Hope everyone had a great Labor Day....gotta love a 3 day weekend...and YAY for FALL!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Little Ms. Temper!

Avery has definitely hit her "Terrible 2's" Stage...
One moment everything is as pleasant and happy as can be...
Then she wants something she can't have...
And before you know it tears flow freely, screams can be heard and back arching begins...
I am not wishing her days away, but I hope I get Ms. Temper under control soon. I feel like I'm walking on eggshellls some days! Unlike her daddy, she is an angel for him, and if she does step out of line, he gives her a little pop to the behind and she straightens up reallll fast.

So, feel free to leave a comment and tell me what discipline tactics you used, when you started them and how effective they were. Also, how long did your child's 'Terrible 2's' Stage last?

As always, thanks for any and all advice!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend Fun

We spent last weekend at Nonna and Poppa's house. It was still a bit hot outside, but we soaked up some sun and had a great time playing with the water hose. Avery lovvved it! We didn't get any pictures of her soaking wet, here she is before the fun began....
And before church sitting in her big girl chair laughing at big girl cartoons adorable and so grown up!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Football???

...because we sure are! The countdown is on and in 3 days and 11 hours LSU will take on Washington. And blow them outta the water, we're sure! The game starts at 9:30pm, so I guess I'll have to drink some Starbucks to be able to stay up for the game, but it'll be worth it, no doubt. Charlie got Avery all ready for the football season with some practice at Nonna and Poppa's house. Photos mostly courtesy of Nonna, some were mine and I'm sure you'll be able to tell the difference!
Warming up...what a face! lol...
As you can see the paparazi were there to capture it all!
Teaching her how to hand off the ball...
I don't think she needed help throwing the ball...
she already looks like a pro...this was NOT posed! WOW!
She seems pretty pleased with her practice, wouldn't you say?