Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Avery's First Birthday Party

Last Saturday Avery was invited to her cousin's (actually my cousin) 3rd birthday party. It was a swimming party at Sebastian's house and Avery had a blast. This was her first birthday party. She lovvved his swing and seemed happy to swim for a little while. Thankfully she wasn't in the pool too long, so she didn't end up with the infamous chlorine overdose!

Silly boys...

Riding in her car around the pool with Uncle Josh

Swimming with Nonna...


Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Pregnant!

I just got off the phone with my doctors office who I have been pleading with since Thursday morning to make.me.better. They FINALLY agreed that I had an infection...a UTI to be exact and called in the RIGHT medication. I was told today that the first nurse, who told me on Thursday I had to wait 72 hours on the results, was new and basically didn't know what she was talking about AND called me in the wrong antibiotic (wonder if Rite Aid will refund a half used bottle of useless pills?) So, she told me that I do have a UTI and that she will call in the right antibiotic. On my way BACK TO WORK tonight - BLAH - I will pick it up and hopefully get some relief. Oh, and did I mention it has been one of "those" days. Oh yes, and did I mention, according to The Women's Clinic, I'm pregnant. She, she also informed me I am listed as pregnant on all records there. Pregnant...with Avery! WOW.

Okay, did I getcha? I bet my mom was about to pass out for a split second :)

And what will NOT be funny is if I really am pregnant.... ;)

Not Me Monday

Head on over to MckMama's blog to read her laugh out loud, 'omg I can't believe she said that', Not Me's!
And here is my much more boring version:
1. I did not wear jeans to a swimming party this weekend. I did not spend a lonnng time in Sears looking for cute Capri's to determine that the Capri's weren't the problem....my pasty white legs were! I did not regret my decision in 100+ degree heat for 2 hours. No, not at all!

2. I did not let Avery run around naked (with a diaper of course) all afternoon after she did not have a huge blowout and nearly ruin her new dress. The dress which I did not buy at Sears after my husband gave me strict instructions to only buy clothes for myself as I am in serious need. :)
She did not end up with more outfits than I did!
3. I did not make Charlie oatmeal for supper. He did not get a serious case of chemical burn from an overly chlorinated swimming pool and I did not have to listen to him (and both of my brothers) gripe about it and describe which body parts were red/swollen/bumpy/burning/painful all.weekend.long. Now you're wondering what this has to do with Charlie eating oatmeal for supper? Oh, that's because he just bathed in Aveeno oatmeal to soothe his skin and said that it smelled so good he was craving oatmeal. I did not almost throw a spoon in the bathtub and say "Go for it!" YUCK!

4. I did not eat steak and shrimp and a loaded baked potato at Outback for $9.95. Sorry guys, for someone who loves a good deal, that is huge news. Never though I'd see the day...not at Outback at least!

5. Charlie does not insist that someone is trying to 'mess with us' after finding a dead bird in Cannon's water 2 days in a row...freaky huh?

6. I am not typing this on Sunday night and using my new favorite Blogger feature: Post Scheduling! I do not already have 3 posts scheduled for this week!

Friday, June 26, 2009

For Goodness Sakes

Avery is constantly learning new tricks, just like any toddler. The other day after we came home from Mrs. Tina's, I unbuttoned three buttons on the back of her dress. I was going to change her but then decided, why change her clothes right before supper? So, I was in the kitchen cooking up a storm. After a few minutes I walked in the living room and this is what I found!

Yes, my 17 month old had taken her dress off!
And had nothing more than a half-off diaper "covering" her little hiney
And boy, was she happy about it!
Oh, did I mention she was sportin' a nice lil crack too? What happened to my lil princess?

In other news, someone was looking at my nifty new digital picture frame at work and after a few pictures went by she said, "Oh...he is just so adorable!" So, I halfway smiled and said "Thanks". Of course, as soon as she was walked out the door I was freaking out. I asked a coworker (well not just any coworker, a friend really, Niki - oh, and fellow blog-stalker) "DOES AVERY LOOK LIKE A BOY!?!" Of course, she said no and we reviewed the pictures flashing through on the frame. Now, when Avery was 2 months old, I could deal with someone making that mistake. But come on people, when every other picture on the screen is a child wearing pink with a bow in her hair, GET A CLUE! So, although I am vehemently against putting any unnecessary holes in Avery, (as she had her share of holes in the NICU), for a split second I thought, "Maybe we should get her ears pierced?" I quickly changed my mind and decided that people should just pay a-frickin-ttention. She is a girl. She is the most beautiful little girl in the whole.wide.world. She is a princess, for goodness sakes! Don't they get it??? And if you're looking at some of those pics above, you might be thinking, "Well I can see where the mistake may have been...." Don't think I won't pull out the big guns. I've never seen such a pretty lil boy in my life! (Any excuse to post my all-time favorite picture will do. So get used to seeing this!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tiger Time!

Yes, we love our Tigers...

...so much that I pulled out the size 6 mos LSU Cheerleader Suit...and thought maybe, just maybe, my lil' preemie princess might actually fit into this!

Yes, my 17 month old still fits into this tiny outfit...
...well, kinda!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Life Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

Ahh...a 3 day weekend. Life doesn't get much better, does it? We had a wonderful, relaxing day with most of my family. Avery got to go swimming today for the first time, and loved every minute of it. We also had a photo shoot. Ok, not a real, scheduled, pay a sitting fee, shoot. But nonetheless, a Nonna photo shoot. And she captured one of the most amazing photos I have ever seen with the most beautiful little girl I will ever know. And I just ordered a gazillion from Walmart One Hour Photo online. Can't wait to get my paws on these! Hope you are having an equally enjoyable weekend! More fun to come tomorrow. It's da-da's birthday so it will be filled w/ 18 holes of golf, grilling, and cake. Oh yes, there will be cake!

Now feast your eyes on this...fun in the sun!

Special thanks to Nonna, who so unselfishly granted me permission to steal this picture and post it before she had a chance to. Don't worry, hop over to her blog, many more to come!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pizza Night

Well, after another not so fun day at work, I decided to cook something quick and easy. Pizza! I wanted Avery to be able to 'help', so I let her make her own pizza. She had fun, but I think it was because she enjoyed the cheese and pepperoni! What was amazing is that she ate almost a WHOLE pizza by herself! I couldn't believe it.

Only 1 more day till my 3 day weekend. And that's a good thing, because I don't think I could stand any more!

Snacking on a mum-mum

Playing with our ingredients...

She was not understanding the concept that we put the pepperoni ON the pizza, instead of taking it off!

Ahh...the finished product!
Oh, yes, and I know you are so proud of this super-stressed momma for a post, on a WEEKDAY, two days in a row! Yes, I amaze myself sometimes. hehehehe....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 More Days...

Avery loves watching Cannon...I just wish he wasn't so rough and she could actually pet him!

Sportin' her daisy dukes...

She loves being outside, even if it's just the front yard!

Are you ready to go inside Avery?
I think that's a no! :)
This week at work is turning out to be pretty stressful and I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend. Charlie's birthday and Father's Day all rolled into one, long weekend! 2 more days. 2 more days. 2 more days!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not me Monday?

Jump over to MckMama's absolutely entertaining blog, despite what the mean ole Nesties say, to see all about Not Me Monday!

I did not post this just to include some random pics that don't all really belong in one post.

I am not typing this on Sunday afternoon, because I am pretty bored since my hubby has been golfing at some fancy-schmancy golf course that is 45 minutes away all.day.long.

I am not allowing Avery to play with my camera, sitting in my lap, so I can type this without her banging extra keys. I would never let her play with my sad little Kodak EasyShare thinking, "Hmm...if it breaks, guess it's time for that Nikon D60..."

Avery did not find another new favorite toy, that is not at all meant to be a toy. She does not love to carry it, throw it, sit on it, and even - yes - STAND on it! Talk about giving mom a heart attack! 

I did not attempt to let my absolutely perfect princess take a swim in a poor excuse for a pool, sitting outside full of water. She did not scream in horror. That did not end much sooner than any of us expected, even before I was able to snap a picture of her actually in the pool.

I did not allow Avery to get this close to the MacBook after promising my husband that she would never, ever be allowed to touch the new laptop.
I am not posting this old pic to say that my hubby is convinced we need a puppy for Avery. Yes, we already have a monster, umm...I mean a dog. A wild, out of control, non-trainable monster dog that someone named a boxer. He is not considering giving this dog away to get another much smaller, more tame version for Avery's delight. My answer was not, "Let's get Avery potty trained first. I clean up enough poop as it is around here!" 
I am not typing a blog post rather than catching up the laundry and sweeping the kitchen. After all, those things are not on my things to do list!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun at the Park

Nonna, Poppa and Josh are in Florida enjoying the beach. We are stuck here working, but we decided we could at least have some fun at the park! Uncle Mark came to play golf with da-da and we all stopped by the park on the way.

Say cheese!
The one and only pic of her w/ matching bow. She figures out how to get it out almost as soon as I put it in her hair!
Texting on her Little Mermaid cell phone on the way to the park ;)
We tried the swings first and she loved them!

She made little fists and kept throwing her arms in the air...she was so excited!
Look at that precious smile...Oh, the simple things in life!
Then, we tried the slide...first we let her go down w/ daddy...

Weeeeee.....oh the things a grown man will do to make an itty bitty girl smile :)
Then we decided Avery is a big girl now and she can go down by herself!
Uncle Mark was there to catch her! 
She loves playing with her curls...
She found this one very interesting, but refused to walk through it...
I finally gave up and let the patient little girl behind her have a turn!
Using some iPhoto effects...you can see the little girl was tired of waiting! :)
Hope you have a fun weekend too!