Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

Head on over to MckMama's blog to read her laugh out loud, 'omg I can't believe she said that', Not Me's!
And here is my much more boring version:
1. I did not wear jeans to a swimming party this weekend. I did not spend a lonnng time in Sears looking for cute Capri's to determine that the Capri's weren't the pasty white legs were! I did not regret my decision in 100+ degree heat for 2 hours. No, not at all!

2. I did not let Avery run around naked (with a diaper of course) all afternoon after she did not have a huge blowout and nearly ruin her new dress. The dress which I did not buy at Sears after my husband gave me strict instructions to only buy clothes for myself as I am in serious need. :)
She did not end up with more outfits than I did!
3. I did not make Charlie oatmeal for supper. He did not get a serious case of chemical burn from an overly chlorinated swimming pool and I did not have to listen to him (and both of my brothers) gripe about it and describe which body parts were red/swollen/bumpy/burning/painful all.weekend.long. Now you're wondering what this has to do with Charlie eating oatmeal for supper? Oh, that's because he just bathed in Aveeno oatmeal to soothe his skin and said that it smelled so good he was craving oatmeal. I did not almost throw a spoon in the bathtub and say "Go for it!" YUCK!

4. I did not eat steak and shrimp and a loaded baked potato at Outback for $9.95. Sorry guys, for someone who loves a good deal, that is huge news. Never though I'd see the day...not at Outback at least!

5. Charlie does not insist that someone is trying to 'mess with us' after finding a dead bird in Cannon's water 2 days in a row...freaky huh?

6. I am not typing this on Sunday night and using my new favorite Blogger feature: Post Scheduling! I do not already have 3 posts scheduled for this week!


Laura said...

Hilarious! First of all, you are not alone in the "pasty, white leg" category! As a matter of fact, we had family pics made yesterday and there was one of me and A sitting on the floor and Wayne didn't like that pose b/c he said, and I quote, "No one wants to see your white legs matching your white capris!" There ya go! Supper for $9.95 @ Outback?! That almost makes me wanna eat there!! Have a great week! And yes! The posting option is wonderful!

P.S. I think I'm following your mom on Twitter. Does she live here in Monroe, too?

Mallory said...

yay! i've missed your not me's =)

and yes, outback is the best, i've eaten there too much to count =)

ps, couldn't cannon be the bird killer, lol!

LucieP said...

I just bought some capris at target....they are OK...I was actually just thinking before I read your post that I need to get some self tanner...I don't want to get burnt and have skin!

Chemical burn in nether regions sound horrible! Oatmeal sounds!

Missy said...

I was LOL'ing at the spoon in the oatmeal tub comment!!!

Outback sounds YUMMY too!!!

Cristi said...

Canon is quite the hunter and wants you to know about it.

Stacy said...

love ur not me

Beth E. said...

I have pasty, white legs, too! However, comfort is of the utmost importance to me. So, I'll wear capris anyway! Bless your heart. I bet you were miserable in that heat!

Poor Charlie. Rashes are no fun. Hope he feels better soon. Hey, an oatmeal supper is an EASY supper. It would be great if my guys would eat that one evening! LOL

Great Not Me's!