Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Houston Trip 2011

Well, here's something new. I'm blogging...on a weeknight...after 8:30! WOW! We're implementing something at our house called bedtime. So this means Avery has been in her bed now for 30 minutes, calling me for random requests - "Mama, I need my drink" "Mama, my nose is running" "Mama, please put my snowman light up, it's not Christmas anymore" "Mama, turn on my turtle light" "Mama, I need to kiss my babies" "Mama, I'm scared of that pointy shadow". Get the point? So I'm having about 5 minutes stretches of 'me' time and I actually found time to blog tonight! Maybe this is just what my blog needed. One moment please, the princess rings...

....this time is was "Mama, you sleep yet?" "No, Avery" "Well, what you doin in there?" Now this is the part where I am actually afraid to tell my child that I'm on the computer in fear of a tantrum.... I pause... "I'm looking at something in the kitchen" (partially true) "No you not, it's dark in there!" BUSTED. But, I digress. What this post is actually about is a trip to Houston that we took in August. Yes, August! You see, this is the problem with the old school film. First, you have to use a whole roll. Then you have to remember to take it out of the camera and bring it to CVS. And most importantly, pray they don't lose it. So far, I'm 1 for 2 on that one. As if that is not enough, you have to remember to tell them to make a CD, pick it up and load the pictures onto your computer and then into Blogger. I mean this was an ordeal folks! So, without further adieu, I hope at least one of you (mom...you out there?) enjoys the pictures!

Here's the gang...

And again...
Mark, Charlie, Josh, Mic, Avery, me, Stephanie, Grayson, Ryan and Zach's arm

Mic and his grandkids...

Avery, Steph and Mic...look at her blue eyes!
Avery was enjoying a big snowcone

The boys...
Clearly Charlie was in his TX teams fan stage

They did have a nice baseball park though!

Uncle Mic and Grayson

Grayson and Avery 

Finding our seats...

In front of the ballpark...


Cousins...at the hotel


Gotta love continental breakfast...

We had a such a great time and boy do I miss those cousins. Hopefully this can be pictures of the first annual Houston trip!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Catch Up

Ok, its time to play catch up. Let's see how many blog posts I can create in the next 30 minutes while I sit in my car waiting for dance practice to end!

In November, Charlie went with friends to the LSU/Ole Miss game. He always begs me to go, but that is a long drive to watch a blowout game. Besides, if I were there he would never get away with sitting on a statue on campus...lord.have.mercy! And speaking of blowouts, let's not discuss the BCS NC game, please. It seriously broke my heart!

Avery is totally into making people out of construction paper. I cut and she colors and tapes. I get confused sometimes when she is begging to "make Nonna".

The weather has been nuts this month. 76 one day, 34 the next... Seriously crazy! But I bundle Avery up in her cute new pig hat every chance I get. I bought it for a steal in China Town. Speaking of, boy I miss NYC every day. I mean I really do. I thought the more time goes by the more I wouldn't think of it, but it's opposite! I sure hope I can go again one day!

So tonight starts Project Bedtime. Avery has never had a bedtime and always gone with me. Lately she has been wanting to stay up later and play on her LeapPad all night long. Last night she threw a HUGE fit and was up until 11. So tonight it will be in bed at 8, read a book or two, LeapPad play until 8:30 and then lights out! Wish me luck :)

Ok...I win the prize for the most random post EVER!