Friday, January 27, 2012

Catch Up

Ok, its time to play catch up. Let's see how many blog posts I can create in the next 30 minutes while I sit in my car waiting for dance practice to end!

In November, Charlie went with friends to the LSU/Ole Miss game. He always begs me to go, but that is a long drive to watch a blowout game. Besides, if I were there he would never get away with sitting on a statue on campus...lord.have.mercy! And speaking of blowouts, let's not discuss the BCS NC game, please. It seriously broke my heart!

Avery is totally into making people out of construction paper. I cut and she colors and tapes. I get confused sometimes when she is begging to "make Nonna".

The weather has been nuts this month. 76 one day, 34 the next... Seriously crazy! But I bundle Avery up in her cute new pig hat every chance I get. I bought it for a steal in China Town. Speaking of, boy I miss NYC every day. I mean I really do. I thought the more time goes by the more I wouldn't think of it, but it's opposite! I sure hope I can go again one day!

So tonight starts Project Bedtime. Avery has never had a bedtime and always gone with me. Lately she has been wanting to stay up later and play on her LeapPad all night long. Last night she threw a HUGE fit and was up until 11. So tonight it will be in bed at 8, read a book or two, LeapPad play until 8:30 and then lights out! Wish me luck :)

Ok...I win the prize for the most random post EVER!

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Cristi said...

Aww let me make Nonna! :)