Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Little Climber

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Avery is trying to climb on everything! She loves to try to get in her blow up playpen. I really think one day she is going to throw herself in there and land on a mountain of toys!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Lost Entry

It has been quite a week in the Reeves household. My little girl has turned into a little diva this week. She is throwing fits left and right! But she saves them all for me, of course, I'm sure because she loves me more :) She has recovered from Ear Infection #2 and a rash that was caused by her immunizations. I think maybe her molars are coming in. Actually, I hope they are coming in because that would explain why she is acting so strange!

Here are some pictures from a weekend in April when Avery got to meet a horse and ride on a 4 wheeler (Yes, I must've had a moment of temporary insanity!) This was at Charlie's dads house - Avery's papaw. I thought I had already posted them, but the post was only saved to draft. Ooops!
Cousin Bram looking at Avery and Papaw
Avery watching Aunt Lindsey taking Bram for a ride
Avery and cousin Bram
Taking a ride on the 4 wheeler!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Avery - 16 Months Old

First of all, let me apologize for my blog slacking self lately. Where do the hours in the day go? The only reason I had a chance to do this today is because my husband was off of work and cleaned the house and took care of supper and everything! 

Avery is 16 months old today. Wow, how the months have flown by! She is such a big girl now and is always doing something new. She loves her friends at daycare and has adjusted so well at Mrs. Tina's house. She is walking like a pro, she has tried running a few times too. She climbs on everything now, and tries at least a few times a day to climb into her blow up playpen (the one she got for her birthday). I have got to take a picture of that. She gets both of her feet on the bottom part and grabs the handle and tries so hard to throw herself in! She is talking a good bit, and now knows that the lamb says "Baaa" and the doggy says "Growl" (well actually its more like a bark and a growl combined - but it is so adorable!) We are weaning her off of the paci - she usually only has it at naps. We have been giving it to her when we drop her off at daycare, but today she didn't have it at all. Part of me wants her to grow up and do all the things that big kids do, and part of me wants her to stay my lil baby forever. It is so cute to watch her with the other kids, Charlie said in the morning they all come up to her and say "Hey Avery". She is the tiniest one but he said she just starts to babble, like they understand exactly what she is saying! How adorable! She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I really do love her more every day!
Mouth full of cupcake - HAPPY 16 MONTH BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!

Avery LOVES peas, she will eat them until she is sick, one-by-one. The other day I put the rest of the peas in a plastic container and stuck it in the fridge. I ran in the living room to clean something up and came back and found that I must've barely left the fridge open...Avery had opened the fridge and started eating the peas! lol...

Then she grabbed the container of peas....

Then mommy thought it would be cute to take just a few more pictures...but not before Avery had a chance to DUMP the peas all over the floor!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!

I had a pretty good day. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking about all the women out there who want so badly to have a baby and can't. I kept thinking of how unfair this day must seem to them. I remember Mother's Day 2006, standing in church and feeling so alone. It was only about a month after I lost the baby and it was one of the tougher days. I also thought about those who have lost their mom and how hard that must be. My heart goes out to them.

I will definitely not be winning the Mother of the Year award in 2009 (no, seriously, my mom actually did win that award one year - we got to ride in the limo w/ her!) You see, I did not take a single picture of me and Avery on Mother's Day. What is wrong with me??? I think maybe I was thinking about the burger that Ruby Tuesday never brought to me. That's right, on the one day of the year we get 'recognized' they completely forgot my meal! Oh well, life goes on! Anyway, I got something much better than a cheeseburger - I got my first Mother's Day card...made by Avery! I was stunned. Mrs. Tina said that she actually did scribble some on this...I was so proud! (Hello People! That is one of her developmental goals right now!!! hehehe...) I know it is something I will cherish always. It always seems so silly for people to cherish crinkled paper with scribbles all over it. But once it becomes your own lil princess making those scribbles, it makes complete sense!

Those look like the scribbles of a child prodigy to me!
Look at that little hand!
And now for my Mother's Day gift...we are taking a much needed weekend getaway! It has been a while since we've gone anywhere (just the 2 of us) and I can't wait! I know I will miss Avery like crazy but it will be good for all of us. Nonna and poppa are coming and I know Avery will have a great time with them!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

March for Babies 2009

Today was the March for Babies. I was so excited to be able to turn in $1,799 that I raised. Thanks to everyone for your unbelievable support. And special thanks to my mom, who did a 'jean day' at her high school to raise $543! Although the economy is worse than ever this year, we raised more than ever at Chase - $20,399.25 (up $7,000 from last year)!!!

The walk was this morning and we had a lot of fun. I think I got more (much-needed) exercise than I have in quite a while - the walk was 4 miles. But we walked through a beautiful neighborhood in the Garden District and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! Nonna came down to spend the day and take all of the pictures you will see below. It's so moving to think that the money donated to March of Dimes could actually fund research that will end up saving babies lives! We had a great time and the newspaper lady even got a few shots of Avery and asked us some questions about her. Of course, if she made the news I'll post the link tomorrow. Again, thanks to those who donated and if you didn't get a chance, feel free to click here and give!

Enjoy the tons of pics :) 

"Class of '08 NICU Graduate"
What a beautiful little miracle!
Even da-da came to walk!
We had a great time with our little princess!

A few of the preemies at The March (Avery on the right)
These were 2 preemies...their mom was the chair of The March this year. The little boy on the right is 5 years old. The shorts he is wearing are the same size as Avery's (12 mos). He has a form of dwarfism, and has just been diagnosed. March of Dimes is currently funding research to find out how this particular dwarfism is caused and prevent it...this story really touched me (and mom, of course!) because he was 2 lbs, 5 oz at birth - 3 oz heavier than Avery. I heard so many preemie stories while fundraising and was continually reminded how blessed we have been. Please pray for this little boy.
"What's the hold up people? LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!!!"
(This is exactly how her mommy looks while sitting in traffic...I HATE sitting in traffic!)

"Okay...this is what I'm talking about, now I'm seeing some progress!"
Cheerleaders leading the in the pink on the far right...
The newspaper lady snapped a shot of Avery and Nonna and then asked us about her.
Avery was such a wonderful little princess...and enjoyed every moment... I remember thinking during RSV season, "This child is high maintenance" but the truth is she is just a doll (if I do say so myself). She is really laid back and a joy to take anywhere. She did not whine one bit (which is more than I can say for her mommy at about Mile 3!) We even went to eat at McAllisters after - she had been up since 5:30 with no nap and she was so much fun. She walked around and introduced herself to everyone!
As you can see, Avery enjoyed the view!

Our 'team' shirt: Faith, Love, Hope - Miracles Can Happen
Oh how we've watched the miracles over the last 15 months!
Nonna taking a break from the camera, Avery enjoying  some juice...
"Weeeeee........................Swinging is fun!"
"Are you telling me I just rode for 4 miles and all I get is a sticker that says, 'I did it!'?"
I was seriously proud of my (on the other hand) didn't look too impressed!