Friday, May 29, 2009

The Lost Entry

It has been quite a week in the Reeves household. My little girl has turned into a little diva this week. She is throwing fits left and right! But she saves them all for me, of course, I'm sure because she loves me more :) She has recovered from Ear Infection #2 and a rash that was caused by her immunizations. I think maybe her molars are coming in. Actually, I hope they are coming in because that would explain why she is acting so strange!

Here are some pictures from a weekend in April when Avery got to meet a horse and ride on a 4 wheeler (Yes, I must've had a moment of temporary insanity!) This was at Charlie's dads house - Avery's papaw. I thought I had already posted them, but the post was only saved to draft. Ooops!
Cousin Bram looking at Avery and Papaw
Avery watching Aunt Lindsey taking Bram for a ride
Avery and cousin Bram
Taking a ride on the 4 wheeler!


Penny said...

Isn't Bram only a year older than Avery, or is it two years? Either way, he looks positively HUGE standing next to Miss Dainty! That last picture of Avery and Charlie's dad is SO sweet!

Cristi said...

Love the pics. That is so sweet of her looking at her pawpaw. Tell her Nonna misses her this weekend! :(

laura_h2007 said...

I love these pictures you will have to meail them to Daddy!

M J said...

SUCH cute pics!!! :)
Celestia had a horrible time with her 1-year shots. Landed us in the emergency clinic with 104+ fever. I hate vaccinations!!! :( They seem to get easier as they get older though. Neither of the girls have had bad reactions with their latest ones.