Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I just love this picture! It was taken the last time Avery was sick. Charlie was at home with her trying to get her fever down so he put a cold rag on her head. He took this pic with his cell phone...too cute!

Avery seems okay today. I called Charlie from work earlier and he said "for a sick baby she sure does have a lot of energy!" She is crawling faster than ever and not tired at all tonight. Last night went well - thanks for the prayers. She did end up sleeping with me but we still got a good nights sleep. Charlie admitted today he sleeps a lot better in the guest bed, lol, the mattress is a lot firmer I guess? Anyway...please pray for McMama's baby, Stellan. He is a lot smaller than Avery and has RSV. It is a very serious case. He is in the PICU and not doing very well. If you don't read her blog, I would recommend it. She keeps me entertained!

In other news, we (okay, more me than he, lol) have made a decision. I cancelled the cruise. I don't know what I was thinking when I booked it. I mean, I don't keep Avery all day by myself so how can I expect her great grandmother to? (My mom and dad were going with us and my mamaw was going to keep Avery). And yes, I agree, I'm sure if we went when we got back everything would be fine. But I think that week away would not be relaxing - more like torture! If you know me, I'm a big worrier as it is and I just know it would not be a pleasant week. Also, it was scheduled the beginning of April and although RSV season is winding down, they still see cases of it into May. I can't imagine her coming down with it in Vidalia, with my grandparents there, away from Dr. K. It would be TERRIBLE. I would NEVER forgive myself. I just can't leave her for a whole week like that. We are going to have some sort of long weekend getaway, but not for a week, and she will stay with nonna and poppa. So that is that. We can't wait until we can ALL go sailing to the Bahamas! :o)

Monday, December 29, 2008

RSV: Round 2


I think I could just type that and it would perfectly explain how I feel today! It has been a long day to say the least, Charlie and I are both sick and Avery is too!

We saw Dr. Khanfar today at 3 and once again the RSV test came out positive. She will start breathing treatments - minimum 3 times per day and steroids. We will continue for a week and go back to visit him so he can listen to her lungs. So, to anyone out there who still thinks some preemie parents take it a little too far - I would beg to differ. She's been out 2 times - Thanksgiving - she got sick for about a week and a half but got better without the doctor or meds (other than a Triaminic vapor thingy set up in her room and a humidifier). Now Christmas - she comes home very sick. I could tell from the sound of her cough it wasn't good news. I know it could be much worse, I think about Kayleigh's parents and i KNOW what I'm experiencing is a walk in the park.

As soon as I left the doctor I called Charlie and once again explained "this is why she can't go to the mall or Target...even just for an hour!" He was in full agreement. Dr. Khanfar said he is diagnosing 10-15 cases a day of RSV. What the heck? I don't even think there was such a thing when I was a baby. Where did this mess come from? I guess I just thought once Avery got Synagis and we took every precaution she would be 'safe'. Guess again. I made the wrong decision about Christmas. So, I'm going to make the right decision about her birthday. Although my invites have arrived and they say my parents house I'm going to put a label over the address to change it to ours. I was starting to get a little lenient about the 'guest list' because I really want so many more people to be able to truly celebrate this miraculous day with us. But I'm going to be better safe than sorry this time. Only grandparents, her aunt and uncles and great grandparents will be invited. No children at all - sorry cousin Bram! That will be 13 if everyone comes but I don't expect everyone to come. Also, I'll be calling each person the week before to find out if they have been feeling sick, working with anyone who is sick, or if they've had any symptoms at all in the last 2 weeks. I'm hoping to pull this off without RSV Round 3. Please keep Avery in your prayers, RSV can be very serious and we need this to go away asap! Also, I think the breathing treatments are going to be quite a challenge now that she is older. Please pray that she will comply! Oh, and while you're praying... a good nights sleep would be a Godsend for the entire Reeves household. Yeah, I think I'm just getting greedy now! :o)

Oh yes- one more thing I have to correct - we got more 'great' news at Dr. K's office today. I told him I was charting her in the 60th percentile and he looked at me like I was crazy. I showed him my handy dandy chart and he showed me that I was charting it wrong. I felt so stupid, but if you look at the chart it shows pounds on the left and then switches all of a sudden to the right. He said I shouldn't feel too bad because most med students can't figure out a growth chart either! So anyway, Avery is 17 lbs 4 oz in the 10th percentile (yes, a big difference from the 60th, I know!) and she has to stay on preemie formula - Oh joy.

Thanks for your thoughts and concerns!!!

RSV? Ahh...I can handle this!

Showing off her new tricks while waiting for Dr. K Always looking for something to chew!

All Wore Out from Christmas Fun...

My sweet little girl has not been herself the last few days. She is coughing a lot, especially in the last 24 hours. She coughs every time she eats or laughs too. She is still smiling (so precious) but didn't want to drink her bottle this morning and was up all night. I finally gave in and put her in my bed to get a few hours of sleep. We are going to Dr. K today at 3 and praying that its not RSV.
This is exactly why we are on 'lockdown'. At Thanksgiving, she got sick but recovered without a doctor visit and now at Christmas we were around more people and she is very sick. Now I'm a little concerned about her birthday...on one hand I feel like some things you just can't miss (I remember me saying 'Christmas was worth the risk' which is easy to say when she's healthy...but when I look at my sick little angel I really wonder if it was worth it?) Please say a prayer that it is no big deal and she will recover quickly and that God will show me how to handle her birthday. I would really like to invite a few more adults, but I just don't know now. It is not worth her getting sick again!
Taking a nap with her Poppa
(Photo credit to Nonna's Nikon!)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The quality of the video above is pretty terrible. Its the first one I've posted w/ the Handycam. Does anyone know why it looks grainy? Do you have to turn on a bright light when filming w/ your Handycam? Also, I have the hardest time copying the HTML code from photobucket into a Blogger post. It always says the code is not closed, or something like that. I try to upload the video directly at Blogger but it takes FOREVER and usually ends with an error message - Any Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Avery's Favorite Things

As I said earlier, Avery received SO many things we have definitely lost count. But here are a few of her (OK, yes, my) favorites! And I'm sure I left some out, so please forgive me!

One of my bloggy friends, Nikki, bought this beautiful dress for Avery. She will wear it at her princess birthday party. I LOVE IT! Thanks, Mrs. Nikki....(btw, I'm sure if I lived in Vidalia we would be real life friends, not just bloggy friends! LOL.)

Another friend, bloggy buddy and wonderful photographer - Jami purchased Avery's princess hat. This will be worn in the photo shoot and of course on her birthday! I can't wait!!!

I love this adorable coat from Avery's mamaw!

My ex boss, friend and bloggy buddy, Dewana, bought Avery this cute little doll. It is supposed to teach nurturing skills. Right now Avery prefers to get the doll out of her pea pod and chew on her - we're working on the nurturing part!

She loved all of her toys so much, she couldn't even focus on the camera!
Finally she looked up, but only with a toy in hand and mouth!
I love this bow too, from her mamaw!
Okay... I will admit, this is definitely MY favorite thing! Bonnie and Laura knew that I was pretty bummed about Avery not getting to meet Santa for her first Christmas. So they made me a picture. Ahh, the wonders of Photo Shop!
A tutu, wand and wings from mommy...talk about a princess outfit!

I found this in Baton Rouge...she won't be able to wear it until next season but I think it is just too cute!

Can you believe Uncle Mark & Uncle Josh picked out this cute outfit for our little Avery?
I'm thinking they may have had Nonna's help!
A beautiful sweater from mamaw...

And last, but not least, she really loves her car seat! She rode all the way to Vidalia and home without a peep and I was by myself (we had to take 2 vehicles to haul everything!) It is so cute because I can put a bottle in the cup holder attached to the car seat and when she gets ready she just picks it up and drinks it! Thanks nonna and poppa!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun...

I had to put this picture first, I just LOVE it! Of course, it was taken by moms Nikon D60 -not my cheap Kodak Easy Share! :)

Well my intention was to do little posts all throughout Christmas, but that just didn't happen! So this while be one gigantic post... We had a wonderful Christmas, we are so blessed with an awesome family. We got to see all of both families. Avery did okay. She definitely had her fussy moments but I think she was teething which did not mix well with large, loud crowds of people! But we still had a great time. Avery got tons and tons of stuff. We have to do some major cleaning out today! And to think - she has a birthday in less than a month!

On Christmas Eve my mom cooked a huge meal and I got to play with my new video camera. On Christmas we woke up about 5:30 and opened presents for a while. We all got so many nice things! Avery got so many things I'm going to do a separate post later about "Avery's favorite things". She got a whole new wardrobe, tons of toys, a birthday dress and hat and MUCH more. Aunt Bonnie and Laura made me something that really meant a lot and I will post about that later too! After opening presents with nonna and poppa we went to Charlie's mamaw's house to meet his moms side of the family. I have never seen so many presents there in my life - it was CRAZY! They have a huge family and everyone buys for everyone. Once we were done there we went out to visit his dad. Avery did much better with just a few people. Christmas is much more exciting now with a little one around and I'm sure next year will be even more fun!
One of Avery's favorite toys from nonna...a Lion puppet that roars...
She smiles every time he roars! She seems to really like lions.

Opening presents Christmas morning, Santa was there as you can see.

On Christmas Eve, we kept giving Avery one of her presents and she would chunk it across the room. She did it over and over and over...

As you can see, we thought it was pretty hilarious!
Only in the South can you let your baby crawl around with only a diaper and a Santa Hat on Christmas Eve...we had to turn on the A/C it was so hot!

Avery and Uncle Josh on Christmas Eve

Playing with Gran gran on her new playmat at Nonna's house

Christmas Eve dinner...yum, yum!
Well, except for the dressing...I thought it was great...Avery was not impressed!

Avery's cousin - Layne - wanted her to sit with him in his new leather easy chair! She was not having it!
Another cousin - Hailey -checking her out!
Aunt Lindsey and Avery...

Mamaw with her grouchy girl!
On our way to papaws house in another Christmas present...
A big girl carseat from nonna and poppa! SHE LOVES IT!

Avery & Papaw

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Surprises!

After we enjoyed a nice Christmas Eve dinner complete with turkey and dressing and sweet potatoes, we got to open a few gifts. We always open mamaw and papaw's gifts on Christmas Eve. Christmas came early for mom and I! Charlie surprised me with a Sony Handycam. I am so glad he picked up the hints I laid earlier in the year. Now Avery's first Christmas, first birthday, first steps and everything else can be caught on a real camcorder, rather than my 1 minute digital camera clips. My dad also surprised mom with a Nikon D60 Digital Camera. I'm sure as soon as she can get it to work there will be tons of pics on her blog! I am so happy that she got just what she wanted....and I did too! I am really, really looking forward to seeing Avery tomorrow surrounded by tons of wrapping paper, ribbons and bows and tons of new toys too! :)

I will post TONS of pics - and videos too - in the morning...for now we need to get to bed, Santa is on his way I'm sure....

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

The Cutest Centerpiece...

Have you ever seen a cuter Christmas centerpiece?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cookies!

Avery helped us make Christmas cookies today. Nonna, Avery & I had sooo much fun!
At first she thought we were just going to eat the plates, she was just as happy with that idea!

I let her choose a cookie to decorate
Then she thought we were going to munch on the bag of icing,
when I explained that we have to squeeze it out first, she wasn't very happy!

All of her hard work paid off, the cookies were delicious!
They were so good she licked the plate clean!

"Thanks mom, this is the best Christmas EVER!"

Not the best pic, but you can see her teeth if you look close!Whats Christmas without a sugar cookie or two?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday people!!! What's so good about this Monday? Well, that means tomorrow my small family and I get to travel to V Town to spend time with the big family and most importantly... CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!!! Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE Christmas?

Start your week off right by letting a load off....participate in MckMama's Not Me Monday....See her blog for all the info! So here we go with the Not Me's...

I did not wake up this morning to a flooded yard and no hot water. That would never happen, because my house never has any plumbing/heating/cooling/all sorts of - problems! I did not wait around until the plumber FINALLY opened only to be told it was going to be a while because two other houses were flooded ahead of me...

I certainly did not get desperate and throw my hair into the kitchen sink to wash it in FREEZING cold water...I was not in a rush to get to work.....not a good way to start a Monday!

I did not let out a big huff (in place of all the nasty things I wanted to say) when a very rude coworker suggested that I should "keep Avery in a bubble" because "I'm one of those people who doesn't take her anywhere and washes my hands when I get home from work before I touch her". So I took her advice. I was sure it was good advice because she has absoutely no children and spends most of her time out all night getting into all sorts of trouble. Anyway, Avery now lives in a plastic bubble.

I did not cry tonight watching Little People, Big World because a close family friend died (I won't spoil it for those who have it on the DVR and haven't watched it yet!) I certainly do not sometimes think I know these people because I could never become a reality show addict! How silly would that be?

I did not call the Nurse Line for Blue Cross/Blue Shield only to ask if a sinus infection was contagious. This could very quickly be googled - but since I was cooking/feeding Avery/enjoying listening to Delilah's Christmas Music - I decided it would be better to call. The so called "nurse" did not blab on and on and on and on for at least 5 minutes reading directly from WebMD no doubt, about what a sinus infection is. After politely interrupting to repeat my question "Is it contagious?" the nurse did not tell me that she wasn't really sure. I have not convinced myself that it's not contagious. (PS - Please pray for Mark to get better asap!)

I am not so excited about our trip tomorrow that my bag is packed, as well as Avery's and Charlie's and every single present is organized and bagged by family and currently in the trunk of my car. I really, really hope my car does not get stolen tonight!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


11 months old today...

More excited about those fancy shoes than her birthday!
Another cute outfit...compliments of Bonnie!

I am amazed that Avery is 11 months old today! Maybe it was the fact that for the first 2 months she lived at St .Francis...but I think mainly it's that 'time flies when you're having fun'! And I have had more fun in the last 11 (okay, maybe 9) months than I have ever had in my entire life. I know I've mentioned this before but I am a glass half empty type of person. I always prepare for the worst and worry about everything. So I had told myself before Avery came - "Your life is about to be harder than it's ever been" "Your marriage is about to be put to the test" and all sorts of negative things that you hear about having a baby. Honestly, I have found the opposite to be true! Are some days hard? Yes, as it would be with anything! But the majority of days are filled with laughter and kisses and amazement! And watching Charlie be an amazing dad makes our marriage stronger than ever too! Having a baby is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I am so thankful for every moment with Avery...she is such a blessing! In one short month, she will be a year old. I know sometimes people say they feel kind've sad approaching the one year mark, but I haven't gotten there yet - right now I just feel so incredibly blessed to have her with us. Her little life could have so easily passed away from us in those first few days with a simple explanation - she was born too soon, too small. But a miracle happened and she is 11 months old today! She's getting big too...guess what...

One of my Christmas wishes has already come true...I charted Avery's weight and she....(are you ready for this...as MckMama would say...wait for it...) is almost in the 50th percentile for weight!!! I was stunned. When Avery was born she was in no percentile - not the 0th percentile (is that a word...err, number?) - she was in NO percentile - 2 lbs isn't on the chart. In less than a year she has gone from not on the chart to almost smack dab in the middle! AMEN FOR THAT!
I know what some of you are thinking - "Then why can't she go meet Santa???" Well, she just can't! (Which is what I tell Charlie, who is still not completely on board with our lockdown procedure through April!) Because once a preemie, always a preemie. Sure, over the years we'll go from being super careful to talking about 'our little preemie that grew up to a beautfiul 16 year old' (yikes, I can't fathom it!) but for right now we're still in the super careful stage. We are on RSV lockdown with the exception of Thanksgiving (which btw, made me a freakin nervous wreck) and Christmas (which is worth the risk, because HELLO PEOPLE - IT'S CHRISTMAS). And even when we do 'venture out of the house' it will only be to close family and no sick family. So please do me a favor and say a prayer that our family is well for Christmas. Some people think I am germ crazed psycho, God bless em, but I've decided people can think what they want. Once you have a 2 lb baby - let's talk. (Ok, that was particularly meant for the coworker who so rudely stated that I 'might as well keep Avery in a bubble' - and I doubt she even reads this blog - if she does I guess I'll find out Monday :) )

So, I just wanted to say thanks again, to those who've prayed, thanks to God who does tremendously more than we can ask or think and to Avery for loving her sweet potatoes!

Daddy teaching Avery how to pull up

In her pretty new outfit Bonnie gave her (and mommy's necklace)
I think she really likes her outfit...ALL SMILES!

And now, the reward for the pretty smiles she gave me...
Mommy's cell phone...her FAVORITE toy!

Reading her Snowman book...

She found her favorite page...

Getting a good look at Spike...her favorite snowman!

And a little closer...

"Finally! I got him were I want him and now I'm gonna KISS him!"
Opening daddy's present!Busted! What are you looking at mommy?