Sunday, December 28, 2008

Avery's Favorite Things

As I said earlier, Avery received SO many things we have definitely lost count. But here are a few of her (OK, yes, my) favorites! And I'm sure I left some out, so please forgive me!

One of my bloggy friends, Nikki, bought this beautiful dress for Avery. She will wear it at her princess birthday party. I LOVE IT! Thanks, Mrs. Nikki....(btw, I'm sure if I lived in Vidalia we would be real life friends, not just bloggy friends! LOL.)

Another friend, bloggy buddy and wonderful photographer - Jami purchased Avery's princess hat. This will be worn in the photo shoot and of course on her birthday! I can't wait!!!

I love this adorable coat from Avery's mamaw!

My ex boss, friend and bloggy buddy, Dewana, bought Avery this cute little doll. It is supposed to teach nurturing skills. Right now Avery prefers to get the doll out of her pea pod and chew on her - we're working on the nurturing part!

She loved all of her toys so much, she couldn't even focus on the camera!
Finally she looked up, but only with a toy in hand and mouth!
I love this bow too, from her mamaw!
Okay... I will admit, this is definitely MY favorite thing! Bonnie and Laura knew that I was pretty bummed about Avery not getting to meet Santa for her first Christmas. So they made me a picture. Ahh, the wonders of Photo Shop!
A tutu, wand and wings from about a princess outfit!

I found this in Baton Rouge...she won't be able to wear it until next season but I think it is just too cute!

Can you believe Uncle Mark & Uncle Josh picked out this cute outfit for our little Avery?
I'm thinking they may have had Nonna's help!
A beautiful sweater from mamaw...

And last, but not least, she really loves her car seat! She rode all the way to Vidalia and home without a peep and I was by myself (we had to take 2 vehicles to haul everything!) It is so cute because I can put a bottle in the cup holder attached to the car seat and when she gets ready she just picks it up and drinks it! Thanks nonna and poppa!


Babymakes3forthesullivans! said...

Looks like Avery racked up. We have that same carseat and it is AWESOME!!

Cristi said...

I absolutely did NOT help her Uncles pick that out. Seriously, I was impressed with it when they brought it home.

The Glenn Gang said...

So glad you liked the dress. When I heard about your theme, I thought it would be perfect. Avery's life is already a testimony to God's goodness. I'm glad you blog so we can all see daily reminders of God's gift to you!!

Curran said...

Wow! Avery made out like a bandit!