Monday, December 29, 2008

RSV: Round 2


I think I could just type that and it would perfectly explain how I feel today! It has been a long day to say the least, Charlie and I are both sick and Avery is too!

We saw Dr. Khanfar today at 3 and once again the RSV test came out positive. She will start breathing treatments - minimum 3 times per day and steroids. We will continue for a week and go back to visit him so he can listen to her lungs. So, to anyone out there who still thinks some preemie parents take it a little too far - I would beg to differ. She's been out 2 times - Thanksgiving - she got sick for about a week and a half but got better without the doctor or meds (other than a Triaminic vapor thingy set up in her room and a humidifier). Now Christmas - she comes home very sick. I could tell from the sound of her cough it wasn't good news. I know it could be much worse, I think about Kayleigh's parents and i KNOW what I'm experiencing is a walk in the park.

As soon as I left the doctor I called Charlie and once again explained "this is why she can't go to the mall or Target...even just for an hour!" He was in full agreement. Dr. Khanfar said he is diagnosing 10-15 cases a day of RSV. What the heck? I don't even think there was such a thing when I was a baby. Where did this mess come from? I guess I just thought once Avery got Synagis and we took every precaution she would be 'safe'. Guess again. I made the wrong decision about Christmas. So, I'm going to make the right decision about her birthday. Although my invites have arrived and they say my parents house I'm going to put a label over the address to change it to ours. I was starting to get a little lenient about the 'guest list' because I really want so many more people to be able to truly celebrate this miraculous day with us. But I'm going to be better safe than sorry this time. Only grandparents, her aunt and uncles and great grandparents will be invited. No children at all - sorry cousin Bram! That will be 13 if everyone comes but I don't expect everyone to come. Also, I'll be calling each person the week before to find out if they have been feeling sick, working with anyone who is sick, or if they've had any symptoms at all in the last 2 weeks. I'm hoping to pull this off without RSV Round 3. Please keep Avery in your prayers, RSV can be very serious and we need this to go away asap! Also, I think the breathing treatments are going to be quite a challenge now that she is older. Please pray that she will comply! Oh, and while you're praying... a good nights sleep would be a Godsend for the entire Reeves household. Yeah, I think I'm just getting greedy now! :o)

Oh yes- one more thing I have to correct - we got more 'great' news at Dr. K's office today. I told him I was charting her in the 60th percentile and he looked at me like I was crazy. I showed him my handy dandy chart and he showed me that I was charting it wrong. I felt so stupid, but if you look at the chart it shows pounds on the left and then switches all of a sudden to the right. He said I shouldn't feel too bad because most med students can't figure out a growth chart either! So anyway, Avery is 17 lbs 4 oz in the 10th percentile (yes, a big difference from the 60th, I know!) and she has to stay on preemie formula - Oh joy.

Thanks for your thoughts and concerns!!!

RSV? Ahh...I can handle this!

Showing off her new tricks while waiting for Dr. K Always looking for something to chew!


Babymakes3forthesullivans! said...

Poor Avery. That stinks that she got RSV again. I hope she does good with the breathing treatments. I love her new "trick". :)

mallory said...

i don't think you made a bad decision at all about christmas, so quit beating yourself up -- you're an amazing mom! and if it weren't for your constant concern then dr. k wouldn't have been able to diagnose avery in the early stages of rsv! i'll be praying for a speedy recovery for all three of you and a good night's rest =)

Calley said...

I am so sorry ya'll are having to go through this. we are praying for her to get better asap. Much love...The Reeds

Cristi said...

She looks adorable in her dots! I hope she feels better today and we LOVE yall.