Friday, August 28, 2015

Dodgers vs Astros

Charlie took a boys trip to Houston to watch the Astros take on the Dodgers. He had a great time and we thought it was exciting to see him on TV! 

Fun Times with Friends

Back to School

Back to school she goes!

What better way to celebrate than with a milkshake at Outback?

2nd grade, here she comes!

Cheer camp!

Crazy day!


I caught my sweet girl washing dishes for me without being asked!

Lemonade for sale!

Rainy Days

Dancing in the rain!

Tommy Chester

Avery and her cat, Tommy Chester...

Vacation Bible School

Avery and Gigi

This girl and her Gigi. Safe to say we've both been spoiled by the same woman. Love you Gigi!

Cozumel and Swimming with Dolphins

Cozumel was beautiful. When he got to Chankannob we went into the beautiful water and realized pretty quickly there were beautiful fish swimming all around us. It was so cool! I had never wanted to snorkel before but Charlie rented snorkel equipment and was amazed at what he was seeing so I had to join in on the fun. The fish were one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. Although you can see the fish all around you above the water, when you go underwater it's truly a whole new world! It was an awesome day!

Did someone say dolphins? I've always wanted to swim with the dolphins and who better to take than my Avery Grace?They LOVED her. It was so cool to watch them interact with her. 

We found a perfect spot for our little family. Three hammocks in a triangle. We spent a good part of the day just enjoying the sounds and sights right from "our" hammocks!

"ahhhh this is the life, mom!"

Vacation 2015

In June 2015, we went on a cruise to Mexico. It was so nice to get away and Avery had a blast!

Best thing about a carnival cruise? Chocolate melting cake, or something like that. Charlie always laughs at me because I call it something different every time!
I love watching the water at the back of the boat. So blue!
Crazy hair? Don't care! Bingo time!!!

Charlie celebrated his 31st birthday while we sailed. Had to buy a cake for the occasion because you know, they barely feed you on that boat! 😜
Avery's favorite part of vacation? Ice cream before supper!
Avery lovvvved Camp Carnival and begged to go every night. It was nice to have some time alone. We sat here after supper one night and laughed and laughed about nothing at all. ❤️
We played lots of "golf" - our favorite card game