Friday, January 25, 2013

The Angel & the Two Wise Men

Although Avery has the Veggie Tales Nativity, she much prefers to pretend with my breakable one. I'm not sure if it's sacrilegious to let her 'play' with the nativity, but it encourages talk about Jesus and the story of His birth, so it is fine by me. Plus, just the other day I heard her correct herself. "Then, the fairy wait, that's not a fairy! Then, the angel said..." I breathed a sigh of relief. I have been driving that point home since last Christmas. Tinkerbell must be marketed by geniuses because in our family, if it's a fairy.

Ok, where was I? Oh yes, playing...with the breakable nativity. Well, accidents happen I suppose.  First it was the cow's horns and now a wise man's head. We could do without the cow, but 2 wise men just isn't right. When I asked her what happened she said, "I'll tell you the trufe (truth). I do not know if I did it on purpose or if I didn't do it." Hmmmm... I guess it's time for a new "hands off" nativity scene! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Granny!

Alicia, Charlie's cousin, planned a surprise birthday party for his grandma's 70th birthday. So, we headed to Natchez for the big bash. She did a great job planning it and I know Granny felt very loved. She is a special lady and I am lucky to be a part of her life.

4 generations...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday sweet Avery Grace...

Today you are 5. How is that possible? Just a few weeks ago, we sat at Cock of the Walk on July 11, 2007 to break the news to Nonna & Poppa. I was so nervous. You were my last chance at a baby of my own and I knew a lot was on the line. I held my breathe during those sonograms. I sat so still wanting to feel you kick hard. I remember the day daddy picked out your name and I knew it was perfect. I was doing blood work at the doctor's office and daddy didn't even know you were a girl, although I said all along I knew you were! I remember searching for the perfect nursery theme, the perfect baby book, the perfect bedding. It was just a few days ago that we sat at the sonogram waiting to see whether you looked like me or daddy when everything changed so quickly. I can't handle this, I said over and over. What I meant was I couldn't lose you. You were already so much a part of us. Our little family needed you to be a family. By the grace of God, you held on. You pushed through. Just a few nights ago, you came home. We all just looked at you and held you. I was overwhelmed with the blessing God had given us. Just a few minutes ago, I was in the kitchen feeding you your first mushy peas and then rocking you to sleep. You are our whole world, sweet Avery Grace. You always will be. We love you more than you can ever imagine. You were the gift from heaven that made us a family.

Happy birthday sweet girl. To many more...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life Lately...

For Christmas, mom and dad got a VCR/DVD combo.

Bring on the 1990s family videos!  

Mark & Paige treated Avery to Chuck E Cheese and gave her all of their tickets. She got the most tickets ever and we love playing her new game of Spongebob Pick Up Sticks

Headed to her first sleepover (except for Nonna) with cousin's Layne & Cole and Aunt Alicia's house. She stayed all night and had a blast :)

I mustache you a question...

"Mama, I'm going to read you the Bible. (Opens first page) The Bible. By: Avery Grace Reeves"
Well, not quite!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Fancy Place

Charlie and I recently discovered a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant we both enjoy. I really do not like Chinese buffets, but this is not a buffet and it is really clean so that is fine by me! Avery, on the other hand, LOVES Chinese buffets and always wants to go to the "fancy place with the fish pond" (that translates to the tackiest little Chinese place with a broken down pond in the front of the restaurant)! I told her we found a new "fancy place" and we went on a date there and liked it. When she figured out that she may get to go on a "date" with me & Charlie she was totally fine with skipping the fish pond restaurant.

She ate her chicken lo mein so well....with one chopstick she finished half of that plate! Amazing!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Barbies, Barbies Everywhere!

Avery's favorite thing to play is still Barbies. She likes me to play with her though so this is our nightly routine. And also great leverage for good behavior. ;) At last count she had 22. She usually chooses the 1 she wants to be and I am required to be the other 21! I do enjoy pretending with her though and listening to her imagination at work!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas with the Smith's

Charlie convinced me a few months ago to buy a Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer. He can pretty much talk me into anything and this was no different. On Christmas, he fried a delicious turkey. Mom made lots of sides and desserts and we had a fantastic Christmas dinner. After lunch, we headed over to Granny's to celebrate with Charlie's mom's side of the family. Once again, Avery got way too much. I'm still not sure how to not spoil this only child of ours when we have!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas with the Welch's

We are blessed to spend Christmas morning in our happy place...Vidalia. This has become the tradition and may change one day but for now we load up 2 vehicles full of Christmas Bliss and head south! Santa brought Avery a bike this year and although it was no Easy Bake Oven, I think she likes it. Charlie and I woke up at 3:30am to Avery asking (out of a dead sleep), "Mama...On Christmas morning do we get to open ALL of the presents!?!" On Christmas Eve she got to open a few from Gigi & Paps, Mark, Josh and Paige and Papaw and Lynn, so I think she finally realized she was about to get to open ALL of the presents. I told her she would and to go back to sleep because it was still the middle of the night. I tossed and turned but a few minutes later I gave up on sleep. Charlie and I sat in the living room watching Christmas movies until 5:30, when everyone finally started waking up. Needless to say, we needed a nap later that day! It was a fantastic Christmas. So blessed to have so much great family to spend it with!

Twas the night before Christmas...

She loves her Tinkerbell, Grandma!

Bike lessons on the cold, rainy carport...

Can you tell she was feeling sassy in her new boots from Nonna & Poppa?

Snack time, courtesy of the Easy Bake Oven expert...

A few of my favorite things...