Saturday, January 19, 2013

Life Lately...

For Christmas, mom and dad got a VCR/DVD combo.

Bring on the 1990s family videos!  

Mark & Paige treated Avery to Chuck E Cheese and gave her all of their tickets. She got the most tickets ever and we love playing her new game of Spongebob Pick Up Sticks

Headed to her first sleepover (except for Nonna) with cousin's Layne & Cole and Aunt Alicia's house. She stayed all night and had a blast :)

I mustache you a question...

"Mama, I'm going to read you the Bible. (Opens first page) The Bible. By: Avery Grace Reeves"
Well, not quite!

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Penny said...

Lol on the last one. Was just thinking about her. Five years ago tomorrow, I stopped by on my way home from Texas to see a nursery that wasn't supposed to be needed for two more months. The next day, I was flying to a hospital to see an impatient little girl that was the smallest person I've ever touched outside of a belly rub. Her story still amazes me. :)