Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We have had a pretty good week. Avery recovered from her cold with no visit to Dr. K! This was a big step in my book. YAY! The only problem is I have the cold now! Uh-oh..I'm going to buy some masks from a medical supply place but if I still feel bad Wednesday I'll run to the doctor and get a shot on my lunch break :). Anyway, my mom came down this weekend. Charlie and I got to get out of the house together for a little while....we finished up Christmas shopping and ate lunch at Red Lobster. It was so nice! Avery had a visit from Bonnie & Aunt Laura and they had a good time. They brought a lot of goodies...some of the CUTEST clothes! They are too sweet!!!

Avery is trying to transition from crawling to sitting - she can do it sometimes and she gives up sometimes. But I am still so proud that she is crawling! I am excited and ready for Christmas. I heard someone say in the mall "I'll be so happy when Christmas is over!" I will admit that I've probably said that at one time or another, but it is still sad! I am really trying to just enjoy everything about Christmas this year. I have been so blessed this year I cannot possibly complain about celebrating the birth of Jesus! Besides, it IS the most WONDERFUL time of the year! So...if you're thinking about complaining about Christmas...pick something else...there are many more things to complain about! (Or, you could just not complain at all :) - Believe me, I know, easier said than done!)
Avery's new Christmas outfit

Her stocking finally came!
Our take at the Christmas Lights picture, she was not very cooperative!

Chillin in da-da's chair...gotta love Baby Einstein!

Avery's Handprint Ornament

Christmas decorations
The Olan Mills Christmas Card Disaster...yes, I'm still mailing them!

Our Nativity Scene...

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Curran said...

I LOVE all the new pics! I see the handprint ornament turned out good. Ours was a bust tonight! It was already hard by the time we got Addison's hand to it :( But I found a homemade recipe that we can use (flour & salt). May give that a shot. Hope you feel better soon! We are still sicky too :(

Cristi said...

Hey I found out that every time someone clicks on your link to McMama, that is when your pic comes up on her sidebar widgit.

Stormie's mommy said...

I think the Christmas Card is good :)
I love that hand print ornament where did you find that at?

mallory said...

i LOVE the pics where avery is playing with the lights =) and your christmas tree and decorations are so pretty, love it!