Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun...

I had to put this picture first, I just LOVE it! Of course, it was taken by moms Nikon D60 -not my cheap Kodak Easy Share! :)

Well my intention was to do little posts all throughout Christmas, but that just didn't happen! So this while be one gigantic post... We had a wonderful Christmas, we are so blessed with an awesome family. We got to see all of both families. Avery did okay. She definitely had her fussy moments but I think she was teething which did not mix well with large, loud crowds of people! But we still had a great time. Avery got tons and tons of stuff. We have to do some major cleaning out today! And to think - she has a birthday in less than a month!

On Christmas Eve my mom cooked a huge meal and I got to play with my new video camera. On Christmas we woke up about 5:30 and opened presents for a while. We all got so many nice things! Avery got so many things I'm going to do a separate post later about "Avery's favorite things". She got a whole new wardrobe, tons of toys, a birthday dress and hat and MUCH more. Aunt Bonnie and Laura made me something that really meant a lot and I will post about that later too! After opening presents with nonna and poppa we went to Charlie's mamaw's house to meet his moms side of the family. I have never seen so many presents there in my life - it was CRAZY! They have a huge family and everyone buys for everyone. Once we were done there we went out to visit his dad. Avery did much better with just a few people. Christmas is much more exciting now with a little one around and I'm sure next year will be even more fun!
One of Avery's favorite toys from nonna...a Lion puppet that roars...
She smiles every time he roars! She seems to really like lions.

Opening presents Christmas morning, Santa was there as you can see.

On Christmas Eve, we kept giving Avery one of her presents and she would chunk it across the room. She did it over and over and over...

As you can see, we thought it was pretty hilarious!
Only in the South can you let your baby crawl around with only a diaper and a Santa Hat on Christmas Eve...we had to turn on the A/C it was so hot!

Avery and Uncle Josh on Christmas Eve

Playing with Gran gran on her new playmat at Nonna's house

Christmas Eve dinner...yum, yum!
Well, except for the dressing...I thought it was great...Avery was not impressed!

Avery's cousin - Layne - wanted her to sit with him in his new leather easy chair! She was not having it!
Another cousin - Hailey -checking her out!
Aunt Lindsey and Avery...

Mamaw with her grouchy girl!
On our way to papaws house in another Christmas present...
A big girl carseat from nonna and poppa! SHE LOVES IT!

Avery & Papaw

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