Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday people!!! What's so good about this Monday? Well, that means tomorrow my small family and I get to travel to V Town to spend time with the big family and most importantly... CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!!! Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE Christmas?

Start your week off right by letting a load off....participate in MckMama's Not Me Monday....See her blog for all the info! So here we go with the Not Me's...

I did not wake up this morning to a flooded yard and no hot water. That would never happen, because my house never has any plumbing/heating/cooling/all sorts of - problems! I did not wait around until the plumber FINALLY opened only to be told it was going to be a while because two other houses were flooded ahead of me...

I certainly did not get desperate and throw my hair into the kitchen sink to wash it in FREEZING cold water...I was not in a rush to get to work.....not a good way to start a Monday!

I did not let out a big huff (in place of all the nasty things I wanted to say) when a very rude coworker suggested that I should "keep Avery in a bubble" because "I'm one of those people who doesn't take her anywhere and washes my hands when I get home from work before I touch her". So I took her advice. I was sure it was good advice because she has absoutely no children and spends most of her time out all night getting into all sorts of trouble. Anyway, Avery now lives in a plastic bubble.

I did not cry tonight watching Little People, Big World because a close family friend died (I won't spoil it for those who have it on the DVR and haven't watched it yet!) I certainly do not sometimes think I know these people because I could never become a reality show addict! How silly would that be?

I did not call the Nurse Line for Blue Cross/Blue Shield only to ask if a sinus infection was contagious. This could very quickly be googled - but since I was cooking/feeding Avery/enjoying listening to Delilah's Christmas Music - I decided it would be better to call. The so called "nurse" did not blab on and on and on and on for at least 5 minutes reading directly from WebMD no doubt, about what a sinus infection is. After politely interrupting to repeat my question "Is it contagious?" the nurse did not tell me that she wasn't really sure. I have not convinced myself that it's not contagious. (PS - Please pray for Mark to get better asap!)

I am not so excited about our trip tomorrow that my bag is packed, as well as Avery's and Charlie's and every single present is organized and bagged by family and currently in the trunk of my car. I really, really hope my car does not get stolen tonight!


Cristi said...

I cried during Little People Big World too. It was sad. I cant wait to see yall. Love love, and more love.

thekennonfamily said...

That was the saddest Little Big World ever! I cried my eyes out too. It was really sad seeing big ole Matt choke up like that. Sadness aside, I hope you guys have a wonderfully Merry Christmas.

LucieP said...

Girl I don't even wanna know about that show! I watched "The Bucket List" on Sunday (and not for the first time) and it had me so upset I had to go in the kitchen after it was over to

Is your water back on!? Your Not Mes! are hilarious!

And what the h about your coworker...seriously...!