Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not me Monday?

Jump over to MckMama's absolutely entertaining blog, despite what the mean ole Nesties say, to see all about Not Me Monday!

I did not post this just to include some random pics that don't all really belong in one post.

I am not typing this on Sunday afternoon, because I am pretty bored since my hubby has been golfing at some fancy-schmancy golf course that is 45 minutes away

I am not allowing Avery to play with my camera, sitting in my lap, so I can type this without her banging extra keys. I would never let her play with my sad little Kodak EasyShare thinking, "Hmm...if it breaks, guess it's time for that Nikon D60..."

Avery did not find another new favorite toy, that is not at all meant to be a toy. She does not love to carry it, throw it, sit on it, and even - yes - STAND on it! Talk about giving mom a heart attack! 

I did not attempt to let my absolutely perfect princess take a swim in a poor excuse for a pool, sitting outside full of water. She did not scream in horror. That did not end much sooner than any of us expected, even before I was able to snap a picture of her actually in the pool.

I did not allow Avery to get this close to the MacBook after promising my husband that she would never, ever be allowed to touch the new laptop.
I am not posting this old pic to say that my hubby is convinced we need a puppy for Avery. Yes, we already have a monster, umm...I mean a dog. A wild, out of control, non-trainable monster dog that someone named a boxer. He is not considering giving this dog away to get another much smaller, more tame version for Avery's delight. My answer was not, "Let's get Avery potty trained first. I clean up enough poop as it is around here!" 
I am not typing a blog post rather than catching up the laundry and sweeping the kitchen. After all, those things are not on my things to do list!


The Glenn Gang said...

I am NOT reading your post when I should be doing laundry/cleaning. Nope, not me!

Jami Ainsworth said...


Was the water too cold! Is that why she didn't like the pool? Love her cute bikini!

Cristi said...


Laura said...

Happy Sunday....uhm...I mean "Monday"! Great post!

Penny said...

Tell Charlie, no more dogs! When I stayed there, Lindsey let him out and he messed up your carpet in about 4 places. And if you think big dogs are annoying, in my experience little dogs are the epitome of annoying. My sister has one I could drop kick. That sounds really mean, but this little thing is AWFUL! It growls and bites my pants leg and shoes the whole time I'm there, until Becky finally puts him in another room. :(
I, too, love her little bikini! She's too stinking cute in it!

Mallory said...

i LOVE the new header! such a cute picture =) more dogs! roxy (our beagle) would escape the fence all the time and was constantly chewing on and destroying everything. her and buddy (our lab) were intent on digging up our entire yard. even though i felt TERRIBLE giving them away, i will NEVER EVER have another dog as long as i live =)

Penny said...

Did you want this to post on Monday? Do you know how to schedule posts? I'm sure you do, but if not I can tell you. I had to figure that one out on my own, through trial and error. =)
(Mal wasn't here. LOL)

Kasey Campbell said...

dont listen to everyone....AVERY needs a dog to grow up with!! every lil girl needs a doggy :) (what did you think i'd say?? lol)