Friday, June 26, 2009

For Goodness Sakes

Avery is constantly learning new tricks, just like any toddler. The other day after we came home from Mrs. Tina's, I unbuttoned three buttons on the back of her dress. I was going to change her but then decided, why change her clothes right before supper? So, I was in the kitchen cooking up a storm. After a few minutes I walked in the living room and this is what I found!

Yes, my 17 month old had taken her dress off!
And had nothing more than a half-off diaper "covering" her little hiney
And boy, was she happy about it!
Oh, did I mention she was sportin' a nice lil crack too? What happened to my lil princess?

In other news, someone was looking at my nifty new digital picture frame at work and after a few pictures went by she said, "Oh...he is just so adorable!" So, I halfway smiled and said "Thanks". Of course, as soon as she was walked out the door I was freaking out. I asked a coworker (well not just any coworker, a friend really, Niki - oh, and fellow blog-stalker) "DOES AVERY LOOK LIKE A BOY!?!" Of course, she said no and we reviewed the pictures flashing through on the frame. Now, when Avery was 2 months old, I could deal with someone making that mistake. But come on people, when every other picture on the screen is a child wearing pink with a bow in her hair, GET A CLUE! So, although I am vehemently against putting any unnecessary holes in Avery, (as she had her share of holes in the NICU), for a split second I thought, "Maybe we should get her ears pierced?" I quickly changed my mind and decided that people should just pay a-frickin-ttention. She is a girl. She is the most beautiful little girl in the She is a princess, for goodness sakes! Don't they get it??? And if you're looking at some of those pics above, you might be thinking, "Well I can see where the mistake may have been...." Don't think I won't pull out the big guns. I've never seen such a pretty lil boy in my life! (Any excuse to post my all-time favorite picture will do. So get used to seeing this!)


Beth E. said...

She's an adorable little GIRL! No need to get pierced ears. She's a little doll!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Don't feel bad people thought Laura was a boy forever, when she was 12 with long hair some lady at the nursing home told her she was a cute boy haha.

Penny said...

Laura's gonna kill Em! =)
Like Em said, don't worry or feel bad if people think she's a boy. We ALL know she's a girl and a pretty one at that! Some people don't pay attention and some think only boys have little or no hair. If we only base it on hair, Leon is lucky cause he will NEVER be called a girl! LOL Sarah laughed today because she said he's just now growing eyebrows! He's here now, swinging in front of the TV. Yes, Mimi is introducing him to Barney--- Shelbi old friend!!! ;)

Penny said...

Oh, and EVERYONE thought Sarah was a boy until she was about two. I think people thought I was until about the same age. I'm telling you--- it's just a hair thing. Everyone thinks Big Mac, on MckMama's blog, is a girl. He's cute---but does he really look like a girl to you?! Me neither!

Cristi said...

OK OK You can stop twisting my arm. I will take more pictures of Avery for you so you can put them on your frame. Girly girl pictures! :)

M J said...

I don't know why people can't tell the difference between a boy and a girl. When Celestia was a baby, I had her in a dress with a bonnet and wrapped in a pink blanket. Someone came up to me in a restaurant and said "What a cute baby! Is it a boy or a girl?" To witch I responded "It's a boy in a pink dress" I must have been feeling particularly snippy that day, but REALLY!

Mallory said...

that was my 'poppa dad's reasoning for getting my ears pierced as a baby =) but lots of babies get mistaken before their hair grows out, so don't worry about it. and there are lots more people out there who know she's a beautiful little girl =)