Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend Plans

Well, after much work and research and patience with different Dish Network departments, I have accomplished my weekend goal: In 32 minutes, channel 409 will play the LSU game for only $5.99. WOO HOO! We have other weekend plans, but as you well know, LSU was first on the list. So after the game it's off to Target to find the princess some adorable, affordable, white dress shoes, new socks, a belt and some fall clothes. Yes, it is finalllllly starting to feel like Fall, even in the South! And if it will stop raining at some point, we are off to the fair - for the first time w/ Avery! Of course, there'll be church on Sunday and Avery's first encounter with the nursery. Although, I'm still second guessing myself because there are flu outbreaks EVERYWHERE. Including, the building that Charlie and I both work in (along with 700 possible virus filled individuals). Did I mention I may seriously purchase a mask at Target and become the official office germ-a-phobe!

In other news, I admit I am T-O-T-A-L-L-Y slacking on the picture taking and the blog writing and I do plan on improving. I did take a video the other day, so maybe Blogger will be kind enough to upload it?

Have a great weekend everyone and just for kicks repeat after me (yes, even you, Laura and Nicki G!)...



The Glenn Gang said...

Go STATE! :-)

Hey, we are at least happy to have scored this time against LSU. Win or Lose, we just feel better when you don't beat us by 61 points!

Stacey R. said...

you will never catch up with picture'll keep getting busier and busier!!

Penny said...

Maybe you and Charlie should take that Airborne stuff! Let me know if it works so I can use it. I need something~~~ with my little germy ones touching, hugging, and tapping on me all day. One tapped me Friday to ask if she could wash her Cheetos covered hands. I'm like WHY are you touching me if you're hands are filthy?! lol

Laura said...

No way, Sista! You guys got lucky on that win!

We had planned to take Alise to the fair, but I'm second guessing it now because of the flu outbreaks.