Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well, I know it's been a while (shame on me!) but I finally have a Not Me Monday post! If you don't know what I'm talking about, or want to write your own, head over to MckMama's hilarious/inspiring blog to get the scoop.

1. I did not think about pulling out some fall clothes this weekend, because it is finally starting to cool off.
2. I was not perplexed when I looked through my closet and realized I had not a single long sleeved shirt hanging in the closet.
3. Earlier in the year, I did not get really organized and sort through my clothes, bagging up clothes that were too small (ughh!) and all the winter clothes. I did not put them in the garage until I lost weight (for the small ones) and Fall came (for the winter ones).
4. I did not agree with Charlie the weekend after he bought his first truck, that we could put it to good use by taking a lot of bags full of clothes to the goodwill. He did not load every single bag into the back of his truck. I did not have seconds thoughts but later decide if I did lose enough weight to fit in all the clothes I have grown out of over the years, I would owe it to myself to buy a new wardrobe anyway.
5. I certainly did not completely forget about the winter clothes in a few of those bags that DID fit. I did not discover that my entire winter wardrobe is now at the Goodwill.
6. I did not think about it all weekend and decide it probably couldn't hurt to stop by and see if maybe, just maybe, my stuff was still in the same bag, marked "Casey - Winter" and explain this to the goodwill and politely ask for my clothes back. Of course, my opposite-of-me, unfrugal husband did not shake his head and reply, "Casey, seriously? Go buy some new clothes!"
7. I did not skip church and the fair because I'm feeling quite under the weather. I am not still trying to decide if I want to 'mask it' at work until April. I would my much prefer a bubble, I'm just not sure they come in my size! ; )
8. I did not go to the after hours clinic 5 minutes before noon today, thinking surely I would be their first patient, since they didn't open until 12. I was certainly not shocked as I came around the corner to see about 8 people waiting in the hall and the waiting room opened, FILLED with sick people. I thought to myself "What are the odds that I will catch what one of these people have, waiting for hours with them?" I did not decide I'd rather have a sore throat than the swine flu I caught at the after hours clinic and smile at the 28th person in line saying, "I think I'll just stay sick!"
9. We did not get the first serious offer on our house, after well over a year on the market. We are not excited/nervous/curious to know what God has for our future and desperately begging to know His will about the whole where to buy-rent/what to buy-rent/when to buy-rent situation.
10. I did not get ripped off this week by the internet. It was a Craigslist listing for a BEAUTIFUL rent house for $800 a month. Long story (kinda) short, some loser steals pics of houses for sale from realtors websites, post them on Craigslist as rent houses, but won't give the exact address. Then, when you reply to their craigslist email, they email you back requesting that you follow a link that will ask you for ALL of the info they need to steal your identity. And just imagine, they could just get a real job! Ughh.
11. I did not google a recipe for easy peanut butter cookies, find one, try to print it, fail to print it, try to remember it and accidentally replace butter w/ sugar. Needless to say, the cookies were GROSS and I did not blame it on the stupid recipe and stupid people on the internet who post stupid recipes that don't work. I certainly did not link to it for this post, only then realizing I was the stupid person who changed the recipe. LOL, No I did not.
Well, I guess that's it for this week. Have a happy Monday!


Penny said...

I would've stroked about the clothes thing. But hey, maybe they were musty anyway. At least that's what I'd tell myself if I were you. =)

brtty stella said...

You probably were wise to leave the clinic full of sick people! I do hope you are feeling much better!
Will be praying for your house decision. Changes are always unsettling but I know good things are ahead for you all! Love you.

Cristi said...

Ooh that was soooo funny! Especially #5, #6, & #11. Oh almost tears laughing! Love you and hope you feel better!

Cristi said...

By the way, I am guessing you could use some good winter clothes for your birthday?

M J said...

Lucky you, having an excuse to buy cute new clothes! ;) Booooo for the craigslist scammer. Sorry about that! :(

Curran said...

Hahahaha! My mom gave all of her winter clothes to Goodwill on accident a few years ago! I agree with Charlie, it's time for you to go on a shopping spree :)

Hope you are feeling better. I can't stop coughing, so I have an appt with the dr tomorrow.

Calley said...

Oh man! That stinks about the clothes! Danny did the same thing one time when I told him the trash was outside of the door...he also happened to grab the bag inside the door that included some of my fave books, and a gps. Who knows what else. :( Oh well- and about the house- that is so cool...still thoughts of Vi-Lou, or no way hosea?