Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Charlie and I scheduled a few days off in the month of April to recharge. I should've been a school teacher because I need a break from work every couple of months! We had a fun day at the zoo, Avery loves all of the animals.

The Tiger was swimming and playing, fun to watch!

Avery's favorite part...the petting zoo!

She LOVES to feed the animals. "Mister Bull" (according to Charlie) was her favorite one to feed.

Here is the miniature horse that we were all too scared to feed. I felt sorry for him and tried once but as soon as I saw those big teeth, I threw the food at him and ran. Fun times!

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DC said...

It isn't too late to change careers :) Looks like the zoo was a lot of fun. Was this in Monroe?