Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The S Word

"Mama, you so silly!"

Doesn't she look so old in these pics?

Guess it's time to start thinking about the S Word.


Brandon & Nicki kennon said...

I notice those schools are in Texas. Is there a move to Bushland in your near future?

BTW, She does look grown up in these pics!

Cristi said...

Um why are you looking at schools in Texas????????????

Penny said...

Yeah, what your mom and Nicki said!!!

M J said...

I'll bite. Are you moving to my neck of the woods? All I have to say is, if you do, do not, under any circumstances, send her to school in Plano. Feel free to email me if you want the inside scoop. Of that list, I would probably go Coppell. :)