Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh, the things she says

I know if I don't start updating this more regularly, I'm going to look back and kick myself. For some reason, it seems like a chore. I was able to update through my phone for a while, but I can't do that anymore. Anyway, I am really going to make an effort to blog more often so I can remember everything. These days fly by so fast, she's all but grown now!

She is pretty hilarious lately. Her little character is developing so fast and it is amazing to watch. If you follow me on Facebook & Twitter, you will probably recognize all of these but I wanted to document them on my blog as well. So, in no particular order, here goes!

Me: Avery, I got to meet Newt today. He may be the next President of the United States!
A: "Dat sounds good, Mommy. I wanna go eat at Newk's too!" (Newk's is our favorite cafe!)

"Avery, I thought I told you to sit down and eat?"
"Mommy...just quit talking so much. This is not for you to worry about!"
I shake my head and laugh (wrong response, I know!)
"Mommy, you laughing at me?!? Remember what you told me? We do NOT laugh at people because we might hurt their feelings!"
After a sick visit with Dr. K where they did a finger stick, Avery and I are watching Lion King (when he dies). Avery says...
"Poor Simba, he don't have a daddy or anything. And poor me, they took my blood. Bless my heart!"

Avery has been sleeping in her bed since we moved to the new house. We all love it! Every once in a while, something scares her. I remember being a little girl and always saying "God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind!" In fact, from time to time I still recite it! One night, there was a bad storm outside. So , I was explaining to Avery that God tells us not to be afraid and that He's always here protecting us. She replies...
"Mama, God's not here. He's at Nonna and Poppa's church, you know? He looks like a cowboy and he goes to heaven."
The next time we were at church, she showed us who "God" was. He is one of the bigger men in the church. I tried to explain that he was not God. But Charlie took advantage of the situation and told her to hush in church, because God was there!

Around Christmas time, Avery and I played with her Veggie Tales nativity. I was a wise man and she was Mary.

Wise Man: I've been following this bright light in the sky and it led me to your baby. He must be SPECIAL!
Mary: Dat bright light must be New York!
Y'all there is LOTS more where this came from. I think i'll start doing this weekly!


Mallory said...

I laughed out loud at the comment "Mommy...just quit talking so much. This is not for you to worry about!" hahaha! She is hilarious!!! :)

Cristi said...

Me too Mal! And the Bless my heart one. :) I love this idea and you should do it because you know you have lots of material! hehehe
Love yall So glad to see yall this weekend.

Penny said...

I loved it when she asked her Nonna, "Can you stop whining?" lol That girl is a MESS! Bless her heart! You need to bring her to play with Harlee soon. :)
They are two of a kind. ;)

DC said...

LOL! Love these! Maybe I need a Twitter? I was just telling Blake a little while ago that I really need to blog more, too!