Monday, October 15, 2012

Birthday Party - Lessons Learned

Avery was recently invited to a birthday party for a classmate. I figured the whole class was invited so I would get to meet a few of the other PreK moms. It ended up being more like a family reunion, plus me and Avery. For 3 hours. Oh, the things we do for our kids.

One lady came in and said "Here is birthday present for B (the birthday girl). I brought one for H (her daughter) to open too. At this age (4), she just can't handle other people opening presents." I think my jaw dropped and I was stunned. I just HAD to tweet it. Well, in case you aren't aware, here is the rule: If you are brave enough to mean tweet about another mom and her child's behavior during present time, be prepared for your sweet angelic preschooler to act.a.fool during present opening time. We had NEVER had a problem with this before. As the Good Book says, pride comes before the fall. And boy did we fall. After I spanked her butt we both took a long nap and woke up in better moods!

A perfect little angel...until the present opening began!

Playing dress up at the family reunion party

Later than evening, watching The Five with mom. 
No more Mrs. Nice Mom = no more Spongebob!

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DC said...

LOL! Yeah, I'm guilty of allowing both girls to get presents on each others birthday. Grandparents are relentless about them both needing something to open. I'd be willing to bet that I never got anything for my brother or sisters birthdays! Even though Avery had a meltdown, she sure is cute in her HK outfit :)