Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fun, are online!

We had a fun afternoon! We went to the buy yet another hat. Charlie has wayyy more hats than I have purses....ridiculous :)! Oh well, after writing my last post, I guess he deserves them. Anyway, our mall just got remodeled and they add a 2 story carousel (I forgot to take a pic of it) and the Build a Bear workshop opened. I love having Avery so little and I know everyone always says they wish they could 'shrink' there big kids back to lil precious babies, but when I see those things I just cannot wait until she is big enough to ride on the carousel and tell us which bear she wants and pick out the outfit! Ahhh....there is so much fun to be had in the next few years!!! We decided not to build a bear just yet, since she really wouldn't know we did it anyway, and she has so many already (see pics below that I took last night). I felt kinda silly in line with eighteen 3 yr olds ready to stuff my! But it will be so much fun when she is a little older and can understand a little more. Aunt Lindsey and Cousin Bram are coming to see Avery this afternoon...I'm so excited, its been a while since we've been able to see them...I'll try to remember to take pics.

One more very exciting piece of news is that I got the pics back from Jami of Avery's newborn session. She was about 3 months in these pics and she was sooo tiny! I can't find a way to post the incredible slideshow online but you can view the pics through Jami's website. Just in case anyone doesn't know, Jami Ainsworth did the pics. She is an amazing photographer, we will be going back as soon as Avery can crawl to take some more! Let me know if you have any questions about contacting Jami for pics, or click her name in blue above to visit her blog. To see Avery's pics, just click this link:

Avery's Pics
Under July 2008, click "Miracle Baby Avery - 7/27/08"
Enter your email address (any email will work)
The password is "miracle" (All lowercase)
Click "Enter proof viewer"
Then view the pics!

Also, you can click "Slideshow" at the top of the Proof Viewer page to see one after another.

Also, for grandparents, etc this is a great way to order the pics. (Just click order, below the pic, or write down the number and size and email me at to let me know what to order you!)


Let me know if you have any problems viewing them.

Can you spot the baby? : )

Beautiful Blue Eyes!

All ready for a trip to the mall!

She was an angel the WHOLE time!

Welcome to Build a Bear...

Such a sweet girl!


Mrs. Penny said...

I looked at the pics online. They're beautiful! I especially loved the ones of the three of you together and the generational shots. All of those are going to be extra precious when she's older. Order extras for her-- she's going to want her own copies one day. You know a picture's worth a thousand words and she'll clearly see how loved she is. :)
Love ya

Stormie's mommy said...

I just looked at the pictures online. They are soooooooooo GREAT! How in the world will you choose which ones to buy? You and your mom look so much alike!!! Love the pics from the mall especially the ones of her blue eyes just precious!

Cristi said...

Love the picture of her with the stuffed animals. I am sending you a picture of the new gift for her from Uncle Mickey. Love ya. Mom

mallory said...

the newborn pics turned out gorgeous! my favorite pics would have to be a tie between 5.11 and 5.12, both are really good! you girls are too photogenic :)

Jami Ainsworth said...

Okay, I have been going to comment all week. I love the images of Avery with all the "babies" around here. Have you seen the one that Anne Geddes did with a baby and bunch of baby dolls. It was the same doll. I read that she had a baby search to find a baby that most resembled this doll. Your photo reminded me of it. I wished I new of an easy way to find one to show it to you. I don't even know which one of my books that it is in and I don't have time to search. But anyway...I love the photo.