Sunday, July 6, 2008

Say a Prayer for Avery

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Avery needs to go have a head sonogram tomorrow at St. Francis. When Dr. Pena (the neurologist) mentioned it to me he really acted liked he wasn't concerned, I was not alarmed at all. The other day I glanced at the doctors orders and it said "Diagnosis: Hydrocephalus". That did scare me. I'm assuming he has to write that for insurance to pay but its still scary to see it written on her form! So please say a prayer for her that all will be normal - no bleed and no water! Just a big, beautiful brain! Nonna and Poppa decided to come up today to spend the night and go w/ Charlie to the hospital tomorrow. I have to work so it will be nice for him to have someone to go w/ especially when a baby is involved.

I took some pics of us today. She is wearing an outfit that was mine when I was little! Mom pulled a lot of my baby clothes out so I'll have to be sure to take pictures of my outfits that she wears.


Stormie's mommy said...

Glad to see some pictures of you. Your like me never in them just behind the camera! HA

Cristi said...

Waiting for the results, give her a kiss from Nonna. Love yall.