Monday, July 26, 2010


I told you pics were to come! Avery loved the beach. There weren't many people there, but we did have a nice, relaxing time. We chose a MS beach b/c the oil hadn't reached MS when we booked a few months ago. Turns out, the oil made it there too. I am so glad they finally got it capped. The condo was really nice though and we had a very nice time.

See...kinda looks like the MS river, huh?
I don't think Avery noticed!
We were promised by a worker w/ MS state that the darker sand was clay and had nothing to do w/ the oil.

View from the condo


Stormie's Mommy said...

I will not give up on you! Sucks that happened to your camera! I would die if mine broke ha ha!
Glad to see some pics from you :)

Shannon said...

Those family shots are excellent! Did y'all set up the camera or have someone else take those?! Sorry about the oil. We're along the Gulf Coast of AL and we have it in spurts! So thankful they've made progress stopping it! Looks like y'all had a great time. The view from your condo looks very nice!

LucieP said...

ooh vacation is so nice! Avery looks so cute in her dress!!

Our Family said...

We just returned from the beach as well. However, we are in SC. My DD has that exact same dress that Avery is wearing. It's so nice to meet you during the bloghop. I also love getting all the comments. It's great isn't it? I am the world's worst at "lurking" but for the past 2 days have been commenting up a storm. Have a great day!

Mallory said...

The pics look awesome, and your mom's as well :) And I would rather have had a quiet beach to myself like ya'll did, than a packed out beach!