Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yeah, I'm a little behind... I guess we'll just start here? Have I mentioned that I'm proud of my little brothers? Here is Josh...the valedictorian. No pics of Mark, shame on me, but he graduated w/ his bachelors degree from Tech! He will have an MBA soon too. And I used to think I was the smart one....ha!

Thank God Josh got reserved seats. We (me and Avery) literally walked in as graduation was starting (I know, shame on me!) Here is Avery trying to escape!


Curran said...

I love the new picture header!

Penny said...

Wow! You changed the whole blog up. Cute. Yes, we will all remember watching you and Avery on the big screens running down the aisle right in front of Josh. lol Forever immortalized on pictures and DVD. ;) If it makes you feel better, I wrote about Shelbi's graduation, but did not post pictures. Mainly because I only had the ones your mom got (in her reserved front row seats) and they were emailed to me. They saved as really small pics. Hope she didn't delete them from her computer, because I need to go down and put them on my flashdrive and upload on my own computer. Glad you're back posting again~ I've missed you. :) Now, got to get Mal back to hers. ;)