Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cinderella & Snow White

As you may know, we discovered last year that we are just NOT dog people. And Charlie is allergic to cats. So the closest thing I figured Avery could have to a 'pet' would be goldfish. She loved picking them out and named them all by herself: Cinderella and Snow White! Perfect!

As they got bigger, Snow White was being very aggressive towards Cinderella. One night I stood over the fish bowl with Avery to try to make Snow White behave. I think it was stressing both of us out. I decided Snow White needed to go into time out. Charlie said I was crazy. While I was looking for another bowl for Snow White, I heard a flush. Charlie had taken care of our little problem! We are PETA's worst nightmare!


Penny said...

Did you have to kill the plant, too??? LOL

kelly, said...

Very funny about the fish. Well, maybe not for that fish. I enjoyed reading Avery' story. As an ultrasound tech, those moments can be a bit awkward. I try never to say "I am going to get the doctor" in the middle of scanning.