Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trick or Trunk

This was Avery's first year to dress up for Halloween. And boy was I disappointed! We went to trick or trunk (or whatever) at our church but there were a MILLION people there! Avery FINALLY got 2 pieces of candy and after walking around for a while we found 'the line'. It was INSANE and a 2 yr old does not understand how to wait in a line for hours. Plus, I was sure there was no way they'd have candy by the time we got to the front. So, we left! Avery didn't seem upset about leaving. It was total chaos anyway. Luckily, she got a bucket full of treats, thanks to Target! ;)

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Curran said...

We didn't attempt Trunk & Treat (probably won't for quite a few more years). Addison had a party at church & they went through the hallway getting candy. Avery sure was a cute ladybug!