Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun Times

I think we need a Chuck E Cheese frequent flyer card! Avery asks to go almost every single day (along with bowling). And weekends that we're in town I try to stop by and let her play. Of course, when you add family & friends to that experience, she is one.happy.girl!

Alicia and Lindsey came to town to do some shopping and met us there with cousins Bram & Layne. Paige came too and Paige is Avery's new favorite "big girl". Alicia is marrying Paige's daddy in September. I'm sure Avery couldn't be happier to gain Paige as a cousin!

Alicia and Avery

Still not too big for a Teletubbies ride!

Avery, Bram, Paige and Layne

She had to go for the green teeth, like the other big kids!

That girl LOVES her some Chuck E.! 

A few weeks later Addison and Alyssa came to town. Avery loves getting to see those girls too. They are so sweet and smart and growing so fast. Their mom and my friend, Dewana, wrote about that day here too. What a fun time!

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