Friday, May 4, 2012

Meet the Duggars!

At the end of March, Louisiana held its primary nominations. We got all kinds of visitors. I heard on the radio the Duggars would be in town but I knew I couldn't make it because it was a 15 minute drive and they were there in the middle of the day. Impossible for a girl with a 30 minute lunch break! I mentioned it at work and my coworker insisted that we not pass up our chance to meet them. I think we were their only fans in the office! So, my boss agreed to let me take a longer lunch and off we went! I am so glad we got the opportunity to meet them. They were just as sweet and friendly in real life as what we see on TV!

We parked near the bus and saw kids peeking out...I guess the grandma was on the bus with the smaller kids. We wanted her to decide we looked like nice ladies and let them come out and play!

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