Monday, April 30, 2012

Meet Newt

On March 24th, Louisiana held primaries for the presedential nomination. I was at work when I found out one of the nominees was right down the street from my office and would be there when I got off. Of course, I had to go meet him! Newt said all the right things to us Bible belt folks; but he still didn't get my vote. I want so badly to believe that we can win. But if I was betting on it, I'd say that Mitt will get the nomination and lose to Obama. And only by the grace of God will that man not turn this country into an absolute mess. I think he is a great role model to young men. A good father, husband, etc and seems to have high moral values in that respect. And I don't think he is an evil mastermind created by Satan to bring down this great land. I just think we are on 2 different spectrums, ideologically.  As much as I believe with everything in me that the government owes us very little that WE have the right to PURSUE happiness and not to have it delivered to our much as I believe abortion is murder and no national government should ever force any citizen to purchase any much as I believe so deeply in all of those, he believes just the opposite. He believes the government has the responsibility to feed people, clothe people, house people, give people monthly allowances to live on. He believes the government should force those, who like myself are by no means rich, to take care of those how have not because they work not. He believes abortion is a women's choice and not a crime of murder. He believes he can force every person in America to buy a product (health insurance) or pay the penalty or go to jail. He truly believes it, y'all. And THAT is the scariest part!

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