Tuesday, April 24, 2012

St. Patty's Day

We had a fun time on St. Paddy's day. We took an early morning trip to Munchkin Market and then to breakfast at Chick Fil A. Everyone loved Avery's leprechaun. I loved it until it was time to take it off - WOW! I explained St. Patrick's Day tradition, that everyone is supposed to wear green. I left out the pinching part. In my book, it's never a smart idea to give a 4 year old a reason to pinch anyone! But she was very adament about pointing out anyone not wearing green that day (and very loudly I might add!). She is a 'follow-the-rules' kind of girl (like her mom!). After breakfast we cleaned and worked in the yard. That seems to be a common theme on weekends at home lately, and as long as the weather stays so nice, you won't hear me complaining!

Free ice cream at Chick fil A (even during breakfast) because she was following the green rule!

That night, Avery and her daddy watched the stars dance around the sky...

And cooked us one delicious supper!

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