Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Avery

This year I planned a tea party at a castle that I happened to find on Google. We met w/ the owner of the "castle", paid the deposit and it was a date! This was the first birthday party she'd ever done, typically it is only rented for weddings. In the middle of moving into the new house, the sweet older lady called me to explain that she had to travel to NYC and would be gone on the day I planned. She didn't want so many people on the property when she wasn't there, so she wanted me to move it. Avery's birthday fell on a Saturday and I really didn't want to move it, so maybe next year! Since we moved into the new house a month before her birthday, I figured this would be a good time to have everyone over. So, I scrapped the tea party theme and just went with an old fashioned birthday party! I don't think Avery ever noticed a difference. We decorated cookies, ate cupcake and ice cream and opened presents. And the grand finale was a big, cupcake pinata. Avery had a fantastic time and so did we. What more could I ask for? I didn't do a good job at taking pictures in the midst of the chaos (party) but Nonna did! So, go see many more (much better) pics of Avery's fun day. Click here!

Cookie decoration station...


A new swingset...from Nonna and Poppa!

We even decorated cookies the next day!

Her FAVORITE person, Lesley (Tance's girlfriend) showed up later that day. A perfect ending to a perfect day :)

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