Saturday, March 7, 2009


Whew, what a week. And I think I said that last week too! Yikes. Things are a little crazy at work. And by 'little crazy' I mean absolutely insane. This week, I said something I can't remember saying, at least not for a very long time: "I don't like my job." I have really been thinking this week about the poor, pitiful people who work in a job they dislike every single day, and have for years! I have also been thinking about how much I've taken the last year for granted - great management, hours, flexibility, co workers...great everything!

But our very generous President decided to rock my little world when he announced that anyone and everyone shouldn't have to actually pay their mortgage and they should all call their lender and tell them so. So, since I work for one of the big lenders, with a gazillion customers, life is hectic. In fact, it's Saturday night and guess where I'm at? No, not in my recliner with my new MacBook-boo! (There is no new Mac by the way, he is slowly but surely convincing me though!) I am sitting at my desk at WORK. I just worked over 5 hours of OT which means I've worked 48 hours this week, and I'm coming back tomorrow. I think when that check gets cashed I may treat myself to a new iPhone! Oh yes and Avery loves it here too! (LOL! Just wonderful parents are keeping her for the weekend so mommy can catch up on work and not have a nervous breakdown Monday!)

I'm trying to think of all the exciting things that happened in my life this week but my brain is all mush by now. I do remember someone had a baby - Oh yes, Jamie had little Alli! CONGRATS!

And here are some pics I took of Avery...

Posing for the camera before going to see her nonna and poppa

Avery's Favorite things...
Biting the leather recliner
(Which, by the way, is not her daddy's favorite thing!)

...pulling every magazine off of the table, attempt to tear them up and finally EAT them!

...playing with Mr. Lion

Watching Uncle Rush's speech...
(Umm no, he's not really my uncle - although wouldn't it be great to have a rich uncle? Btw, this is also one of mommy's favorite things!)

...Staring at some beautiful little girl in the mirror...then trying to munch on the wood...

...unrolling the toilet paper and hoping to get a bite before mom finds out!


Amanda said...

She sure is keeping you busy!

Mallory said...

omg, she is busy busy =) there might be some kind of treatment you could put on the leather that would be too bitter for the taste. and therefore deter her from biting it, something non-toxic of course, but unpleasant so she wouldn't tear up your nice recliner =)

Jami Ainsworth said...

Casey, you continue to crack me up! But sorry about all the extra work!

Again, I enjoy your take on life!

And thanks for the sweet comment. I needed it. I feel like I let everyone down all the time. If next week, goes as well as the last fews days (meaning me feel well) then I anticipate getting a lot done, but the it rains and changes weather has been forecasted...then I am worried!

I think I am I am stopping...I have a little A.D.D. going on because of House playing on the tv too.

LucieP said...

She is getting so big and looks very tall??

All the things she's doing are exactly what Matthew is doing too. It's hilarious! I love it!

I hope work eases up a little ... definitely reward yourself!

Cristi said...

Yes well, she LOVED dumping all my cookbooks off the bakers rack, which of course by all means I let her do, and then proceed to tear out the recipes that I dont need and eat them. Which I didnt let her do. Well only once. LOL

LucieP said...

what up mama? just thinking about ya. Love your new background!

Cristi said...

When you get your new computer I wish you would change your font color away from that light pink stuff like on your blog list. Old people like me cant read that stuff. LOL