Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm Still Here... I Promise!

Whewww....what a month! This entire month could probably be summed up in one word: Stress. And that really stinks because it's my BIRTHDAY MONTH! So I have many different excuses for why I haven't blogged in over a week and yes, I am prepared to list every single one of them!
  • We're selling our house! Well, at least we think so. After 1 1/2 years on the market we got our first offer. Then we got a low appraisal (boo!) and an even worse inspection (like you have holes in your roof kind of inspection - BOO!). Now can you see why this month has become Stress-tober! We're not ready to buy again so quick, so currently, I'm frantically searching for a rent house or apartment that will meet our needs. The more I look, the more stressed out I become and the more I realize that I just don't really like where we live. Period. Enough about that!
  • This has been a month of bumps, scrapes and bruises. First a scraped knee, then a carpet burn on her nose (ouch!) and a bump on the head! After this week, I really think it should be socially acceptable to allow your child to wear a helmet 24/7 until they're 15, or so...!
  • Avery had yet another trip to the pedi. She has an ear infection, red throat, runny nose, she is wheezing and coughing. Dr. K was out Friday afternoon so we saw Dr. Y. She said that she could test her for RSV, but that she was almost certain it was RSV and she was treating her the same way regardless. So I opted not to do the test, since the treatment would be the same. She is on amoxicillin for the ear and throat, Zyrtec for the runny nose, and Xopenex for the wheezing/congestion. She was worse yesterday but seems a little better today. It looks like I'll be staying home with her tomorrow and I'm praying she'll be good to go on Tuesday. So far, no fever! YAY!
  • Oh, did I mention in the midst of all of this I hosted a baby shower? And we missed the Natchez Hot Air Balloon Races! (BOO!) I was so looking forward to watching Avery watch the giant balloons. There's always next year though!
  • And this is especially for Niki, my coworker, who stalks my blog (and probably yours too) and continually reminds me that I haven't updated since I got my iPhone. So yes, part of the blame is to the magnificently-wonderful-amazingly-fun-iPhone. Can ya tell I love it? But, as soon as I find a free app that allows me to blog, you will know it and you will be sick of my updates! Just ask my Facebook friends : )
I did manage to take a few pictures and those posts are to follow. While Avery is napping, I'll schedule two or three posts so Niki can't gripe at me this week. Hope you have a wonderful stress-free week. I'm determined to!

First Scraped Knee! : (


Curran said...

Hang in there, you will find the perfect place to live very soon! Has your realtor been helping you look for a place to rent?

I'm sorry Avery is under the weather! It's that time of year :( She's such a little soldier!

The iPhone...What can I say? I have a very unhealthy relationship with my iPhone & I love it! Addison has her own page of apps that are great when grocery shopping, riding in the car, etc. I'm glad that you are happy with it!

Amanda said...

Sorry about all the bumps, scrapes and bruises, but I'm glad we're not the only ones going through that! In a matter on 2 weeks, Eli has gotten 2 bumps on the head, fallen off the couch, and gotten 2 split lips. I think a helmet would be very appropriate for my child! Hope everything works out with the house. Post when you can :)

M J said...

You should move to Dallas! ;) Don't worry too much about the bumps and bruises. We went through a period where I was just SURE CPS was going to come knocking on my door any moment because Celestia was so clumsy. She survived, though, and no one ever questioned our parenting skills! :)

Beth E. said...

Sorry you've had such a stressful time! It's rough when everything seems to happen at once.

Praying that Avery will feel better very soon.


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

Nikki needs to start commenting haha. Come live with me again, Charlie and Jeremy can play video games together and ignore us like he did with Ryan when we lived in the dorms haha.

Laura said...

Ouch! That knee looks bad!

Too Many Hats said...

Bummer about the appraisal and inspection. We just had our house appraised and I was so disappointed with it - in fact, I was shocked at how low it was.

I have a new iPhone too! Love it!

Anonymous said...

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