Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good food, good times

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These days, it's challenging to bring Avery to a restaurant, especially a fancy one. I've decided the much easier option is for one person to stay behind w/ her. Less stress on everyone! I stayed behind one night on vacation and Charlie did on another. We went to the Half Shell Oyster House in Gulfport and it was DE-LICIOUS! Although I am not an oyster eater, that ribeye sandwhich was right up my alley! YUM!


Cristi said...

Oh yea, I cant remember what I ordered but I remember how good it was! And I tried one of Marks oysters and really liked it too! :)

Our Family said...

I remember those days when visiting a restaurant was a challenge. Playdough works well...even for us now! :) Hope Avery is feeling better.