Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Year in Review...

...courtesy of Charlie's iPhone pics. I saw this on another blog and thought it was a cute idea. Mommy bloggers usually have a hubby, but his 'voice' is never heard. So, here is the best I can do. A peek into Charlie's pics...a year in review.

Only at Ole Miss is the speed limit 18. Bleck. GO TIGERS. That was a rough loss at Ole Miss last year!
Christmas Cookies!
Barney Fife...Thank God he's gone AND forgotten! (Hold your horses, he just went to live w/ a new family!)
A rocking horse my Pa made me the year I was born!
The day Avery met Santa...
Opening a few birthday presents...
Charlie loved Chuck E. Cheese, almost as much as Avery!
The day we waited way too long for Dora. Well, Nonna and I waited. Daddy and Uncle Josh went back home and came back to get us just as Avery met Dora!
The day the SAINTS won the Superbowl!

The most snow we've ever seen in Louisiana!

VHS...State Champs!
Golf, golf and more golf!
A day at the zoo...
The beauty of Spring!
Aunt Lindsey and Papaw...wedding day!
Poppa has a hobby!?! GOLF!
Josh on the big day....
Avery, on Josh's big day!
The MS River bridge, graduation night. BEAUTIFUL!
Eating in Downtown Natchez... guess who wouldn't sit still and quiet in the small restaurant?
An alley in downtown Natchez...
Jury duty!
If I had a dollar for every picture of a sleeping Uncle Mic!
Josh playing dress up
We made it through World Cup...thank God it only comes on every 4 years!
And last but not least, summer fun at Nonna's house!


Cristi said...

Like all the pictures. Favorites: Avery at Josh's big Day, and Josh playing dress up. :)

Curran said...

Love these pics!