Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sick Lil Sweetie

We have a sick little princess. She's had a stomach virus since early Monday morning and I'll spare you all the details, but her fever hit 104 last night on the digital thermometer. We got it down, but the doctor wanted to see her. He said that she should be admitted so we are at the hospital. After a few hours on an IV, she's asking for a pink cupcake (which is a huge deal, considering she has eaten 1/2 a cracker since Sunday night! I anticipate we'll be heading home tomorrow after the blood work checks out. I have some posts scheduled and will talk to y'all in a few days. As Beth says, we covet your prayers!


Laura said...

Poor thing! I didn't come by because I figured you guys were resting or busy getting settled. Hope all is well again soon! Give that baby lots of hugs and kisses {I'm sure you already are!}!!

Penny said...

Glad she's already feeling better~ that's awesome! :)

Our Family said...

Oh, I hate that the princess is sick. You will all be in our prayers over the next few days.