Sunday, July 17, 2011

Princess cake

A few weeks ago, we attended a birthday party and there was a beautiful castle cake. Ever since, Avery has been adament about her castle cake. This week, the new girl at work mentioned that she makes cakes in her spare time. I told her about the castle cake and she mentioned that she had done one before. She showed me the picture of it and I knew Avery would love it!

Maybe I should've waited until the day before her birthday party... In January! I showed her a picture of it and she is convinced that is her cake. She wants to go see her cake, eat her cake, show her friends her cake. How do you explain how long 5 months is to a 3 year old? Lord.have.mercy!

So, I guess you can say I've started the party planning. I will refuse to mention how old she'll be because it sounds too much like a kid and not a toddler! Time flies when you're having fun.... *Sighhh....*

Guess I should start looking for the party castle now!


Penny said...

Yeah, Mom, explain five months! heehee Live and learn, huh? :) My cousin made one of those castle cakes for her granddaughter's third birthday. It was really cute!
Your mom and I went to lunch Friday and ended up in Jack & Stella's after. She told me about Avery going in there asking for a "pink cupcake." lol Girl loves her some cake. :)
Oh, and you should totally consider the name "Stella" next time~ now that those old lady names are back and this is the South where family surnames rule. ;)

Cristi said...

Cool cake! Where is this party going to be?

DC said...

Wowza! That is an awesome cake! Never too early to start party planning :)