Sunday, July 1, 2012

Family Photos

Recently, we did a quick 30 minute photo shoot with Denae Hula. She captured all of the images below. I am always amazed at what a good photographer can do with 30 minutes. I always consider it worth the money if I get one really good shot. She got many. Thanks, Denae!

Avery is sitting beside me as I blog. She says, "Who is that little girl? Oh wait, that's me! Mommy, I look so pretty in that picture!" I would have to agree!

For this child I have prayed...

My favorite pictures of Charlie and Avery...ever! This is the background on my phone and I just LOVE it!

My favorite of us together...

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Penny said...

Those turned out really well! :) Love the ones of you and Charlie alone with Avery and the one of all three of you. :)