Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finally Home

Avery got lots of stuff from Mexico, but I love this little Senorita dress and guitar. Boy, I missed this girl!

She got to go to her first Vacation Bible School at Calvary Baptist Church the week she stayed at Nonna's. Gigi took her the first night because Nonna and Poppa were in Pittsburgh. We were both surprised but she went right in with the other kids and had a blast all week. She loved it! She LOVES her Bible reading glasses and is constantly quizzing everyone on "what the Bible says".

After we got home, Charlie and Josh went to Baton Rouge to watch LSU in the semi finals playing Stony Brook. They sat for 12 scorching innings and were soaking wet 2 different times with rain only for the game to be called for the day due to weather. They were tied! That sounds HORRIFIC to me, but the boys insist it was 'the best baseball of their lives'. Nonna and Poppa also headed to Baton Rouge to shop till they drop. Avery and I had a fantastic Mommy/Daughter day and ate at the always delightful, Mammy's Cupboard. Yum, yum!

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Penny said...

Cute pics with her guitar! :)
So wish I could have gone to Mammy's with y'all~ it was so sweet for you to invite me. Maybe next time. Oh, and your momma and I are gonna take a grand trip with the grands since I now have room for a couple of carseats~ just a head's up. ;)