Friday, July 6, 2012

Rockin' Out

Oh, this was a fun night. For whatever reason, we decided to pile in the Jeep with no windows and doors and take it for a spin (is that a violation of CPS? She was in a car seat!) We drove to Natchez and around "Under the Hill". On the way back an old country song ("Ain't Goin Down..Til the Sun Comes Up, by Garth Brooks) came on and Avery and Nonna rocked out. It was a great night and one of those simple, fun times I never want to forget. Although we went down well before the sun came up, there is no place on earth I'd rather be than spending time with my sweet family. Some people think I've missed out on a fun part of life because I married early and had a baby fast and never went through the 'clubbing' stage. I don't think I'll ever, ever regret that. I have never been happier. Life is good!


Penny said...

Funny! :)
Your favorite "aunt" never wanted to go clubbing either~ never had the desire! I do wish I'd been more mature when I started having babies, not so I would have a better life~ but maybe they would have had a better mom. I've NEVER regretted/resented having my babies young, though, and wouldn't undo it if I could. It also made me a young Mimi~ and that's a positive. :)

DC said...

Love all the pictures! I haven't missed out on a single thing by getting married and starting a family 'early'! I partied like a rockstar until I was 33 when I finally met the man of my dreams and started a family 2 years later. This has been the best time of my life and I wish I could've started earlier, but it wasn't in the cards for me! We miss y'all and hope to see you next trip home :)