Friday, March 28, 2008

Blood Test Results

Avery had her blood tested today and her hematocrit levels are normal. Last Friday at the doctor's office they were at 26. Today they were at 32. (Normal range is above 28). So, thanks to prayers and me eating some extra iron, no blood transfusion! The insurance company called to let me know they will not cover another synagis shot (wasn't that nice of them-ughh). The synagis shot is to protect against RSV, which in some cases can be deadly for babies as little as Avery. RSV season ends in April and Avery had a shot in March that lasts one month so this will cover her thru mid-April, so the doctor wanted to give her one more because he does see cases in April and sometimes in May, but lovely Blue Cross refuses to pay. No big deal right, just a shot? This little shot costs about $1500 a pop! When I speak to the doctor I'm going to let him know if he feels its vital, we'll just pay for it, but if not we definitely aren't bringing her anywhere before May and I don't think she'll go to Walmart before she's 12! Ha! The insurance company said if he can provide statistical data to prove that he is seeing at least 10% RSV cases then they may cover it. So maybe he'll do that? I'm sure God already has it figured out! : )

Charlie went with us to the doctor today since he doesn't have to be at work until 3. It was nice to have a little family outing! Avery slept great last night. I put her down at 9 and I was the one waking HER up at 1:30 (instead of vice-versa) so she could eat. Then she went down again from 2-5:30 and from 6-9 (when I woke her up again). And she breastfed again yesterday just fine! Every breastfeeding mom needs a good nipple shield! She is such a good baby! Usually only fusses when she's hungry or needs a diaper change. It is just like heaven waking her up every morning and looking at those big, beautiful eyes.


thekennonfamily said...

As much as I hate dragging myself out of bed in early morning (7am, lol), I love seeing Cameron for the first time of the day! It's like Christmas everyday. I love walking into his room and seeing him standing there waiting for me to get him! He's so cute:)Babies, as difficult as they can be, are a little slice of Heaven on earth.

Stormie's mommy said...

I have to say I agree with Nikki. It is the best thing to see your baby first thing in the morning no matter what time it is. Because Stormie is an early riser also. I am glad to hear that the breast feeding is working for you. I do not have to use the shields but at least you found something to make it all work for you. I know you are justing enjoying every second with her. I bet you are going to have a hard time returning to work. I did that is why I became a full time mom! Well cant wait to hear more good news.