Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More good news...

Well last night was pretty challenging. She just did not want to go to sleep! Anyway, she finally got to sleep good at 5:30am so I slept till 9:30. I guess some nights will just be harder than others. We got great news today. The NICU called to let me know the chromosome analysis came back and it was completely normal! YAY! They still want us to follow up with a geneticist so he can go over it in detail, but it is normal. Whoo! What a load off! Now we just need to get the cardiologist and neurologist to say the same and we'll be done with all of the specialists. There is a program in Louisiana called Early Steps where an early interventionist comes to your home to evaluate the baby. If they feel the baby needs to see a physical or occupational therapist then they will have one come to your home. The program is completely federally funded and free of charge. Its not income based and they don't even file your insurance! WOW, finally something I pay taxes for that I can benefit from! So the early interventionist is coming tomorrow.

Well, some little angel is getting fussy. Goodbye for now!


Mrs. Penny said...

That's wonderful, Casey! Another blessing to count. We're still praying for her blood work, too.
Love ya.

Jami Ainsworth said...

I forgot to tell you when I commented earlier that I love her little Easter photo. Glad to hear more good news.