Saturday, March 29, 2008

Anyone know a good sitter?

Hey guys! At Avery's last Dr. appt he told me daycare is not an option for her. The risk is too high that she'll get RSV or just get sick in general and it could be very serious for a preemie like Avery. Sooo, I need a sitter! I live in West Monroe but it is very close to Monroe, about 10 minutes from ULM. I only need someone for 2 hours, 4 days a week. The way our schedules run I will need someone from 2:30-4:45 Tuesday-Friday. Pay will be around the $8-$10/hr range. I am looking for someone who can come to the house. If necessary we could drop her off but the sitter cannot keep other kids, so it would be better if someone could come here. A responsible senior in high school or college student would probably be ideal. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ARE INTERESTED OR IF YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO WOULD BE INTERESTED. I would need someone to start May 27th. Thanks so much!

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lexie6004 said...

I wish I lived there so I could babysit her for you! I hope you find a good babysiter!