Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Busy Day

What a busy day we had yesterday! I had to go grocery shopping (charlie was off so he could keep Avery) and stop by Dr. Khanfar's office to pick up some formula. Charlie talked me into buying a new recliner so we picked that out as well. Charlie's mamaw stopped by to see Avery. She bought her the cutest little dress! While she was here, Carmen from Early Steps called to say she was about 5 minutes from our house - I had COMPLETELY forgot she was coming! She came and asked me a lot of questions about what Avery can and cannot do. Basically everything she asked Avery could do except I don't think she is smiling socially yet. She smiles a lot but its not like its something I've done, she just smiles mainly after she eats and burps! There were a few other things that I haven't noticed her doing (like knowing the difference between a human sound and non-human sound?) so Carmen will key in the answers on the computer and if she scored below a 78 she is eligible for the program. If not, it would indicate everything is completely average or above average with Avery and she would not be eligible. If she's not eligible now but I notice she is behind in some developmental area later on then I can always call her back to be reevaulated. So we'll find out next week how she did.

I had a few people contact me about the sitter job. Kelly O'Gwin was the girl who was originally supposed to do it but she was thinking about moving to South Carolina to join the services. I think she has decided she's going to stay another semester at ULM so she still may be able to keep Avery. Also, Courtney Wyles contacted me, she is from Vidalia and said she would be interested. I was happy to have two possibilities! Also, my mamaw said they are always available to come here if I need them (they don't live here though, so that wouldn't be permanent).

Other than that everything is going smoothly. Avery usually wakes up about 9am, breastfeeds and sleeps till 11 or so. This gives me time to clean the house and have some time to myself. She eats again around 12 and usually takes another nap. After she eats at 4 I try to keep her up until 8:30 or so, when I give her the last bottle and put her to sleep. She sleeps till around 12 or 1am and eats again and sleeps till 3 to 4 am. So it isn't bad at all. She only fusses when she had a dirty diaper or is hungry or tired most of the day. She does have a fussy time around 6 every night where just about nothing I do can make her happy. She is so amazing though. The little faces she makes, her mannerisms, little smiles and everything else! Now that she's here, I can't imagine not having her around!

When the lady from Early Steps asked about her sleeping schedule and I told her, she said she would give her some rice cereal in the bottle at night. I think it is way too early for that. She is 2 1/2 months almost, but adjusted age she's only 2 weeks! I don't think its really necessary. Maybe when I go back to work we can start that? Any suggestions....????


Anonymous said...

2 Things can come out of giving her baby ceral this soon. One good and one bad. One good, she would gain weight. One bad, she could get belly aches, and they are no fun at all, physically for her and mentally for you they can wear you out trying to satisfy them if it is really a bad belly ache. But, on the the good side, not all kids get bellyaches from the ceral. Just have to try and see what happens on one bottle. Love Ya, Kristine Stanley

Nicki said...

i started putting cereal in cameron's bottles when he was about 2 months. i only put like a teaspoon in 2 bottles a day. i was nervous about it though, lol. we gradually increased it as he got older. he handled it fine, but every baby is different. his pediatrician was against giving babies cereal before they were 4-6 months. try it if and only if you feel it's the right thing to do. trust your instinct, you have a good track record, lol!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I think that Avery is still a little to young to start on cereal. If she started fussing for food every hour, thats when to think about putting a little in her bottle. I would hate for you to give it to her too soon. But when the time comes you will know... Love yall, Bonnie

Baylee's Mommy said...

spUnless the doctor advised the cereal due to collic and not just so she would sleep longer between feeding I would not do it. I tried it with Baylee in her bottle when I went back to work and she couldn't seem to get it through the nipple and I only put a teaspoon. I just left it alone and started up again when she was 4 months and I fed it to her by spoon. Like everyone has said though...she is your own and YOU know what's best for her. She is so sweet Casey!

Stormie's mommy said...

Hey Casey as a mother who has breastfeed and I am still am. I would say that its too soon and with you breast feeding she is going to wake up more during the night. Stormie is 8 months and still wakes to nurse I think it is a comfort thing. And I did not start her on cereal until about 6 1/2 months and I have only given it to her with a spoon. (because she doesn't get breast milk in a bottle- just water and juice.) So It seems like we all seem to think its just too soon. And you said she gets fussy Just a tip not sure how this will work but Stormie loves a bath when she gets a little fussy. But it could be something else. Not sure. Maybe something I said will help.